Boeing Begins MH-139A Grey Wolf Production
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Mar 7, 2023

Boeing Begins MH-139A Grey Wolf Production

  • Deliveries to the U.S. Air Force are slated to begin in 2024
  • The MH-139A will replace the UH-1N Huey, offering additional missile security for decades

Boeing [NYSE: BA] will begin production on the first 13 MH-139A Grey Wolf helicopters, following the award of a $285 million U.S. Air Force contract for aircraft, sustainment and support services.

“Advancing the program from testing and evaluation to production is a major step toward entering the MH-139 into service and providing the U.S. Air Force with additional missile security for decades,” said Azeem Khan, Boeing’s MH-139 program director. “We are working diligently to begin deliveries next year.”

The MH-139A’s enhanced capabilities allow it to accomplish missions more quickly, quietly and efficiently. With a 50 percent increase in speed and range, and an increase of 5,000 pounds max gross weight, the aircraft can execute the U.S. Air Force’s mission of protecting intercontinental ballistic missiles across the country.

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The MH-139A team consists of Boeing, as the prime contractor, and Leonardo as an original equipment manufacturer. Leonardo produces the helicopter at its plant in northeast Philadelphia, while Boeing is responsible for military equipment procurement and installation and post-delivery support of the aircraft. By offering a proven AW-139 platform and integrating additional military capabilities into the MH-139A, the Boeing-Leonardo team provides the U.S. Air Force with the most capable product for the mission.

“My teammates at Leonardo, together with Boeing, are eager to continue our partnership and ensure the success of the MH-139A program,” said Clyde Woltman, CEO of Leonardo Helicopters U.S.