Air Mission Planning and Support Virtual Conference

  • Maximising Air Power through the Development and Integration of Innovative Support Systems
  • October 6-7, 2020
  • Online Event, Your Computer

We are delighted to announce the 11th annual Air Mission Planning and Support conference (VIRTUAL/ONLINE ACCESS ONLY), taking place on the 6th - 7th October 2020.

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Operating in the information warfare age brings its own unique opportunities and challenges, as nations seek to enhance air power, while guarding against potential vulnerabilities and managing unprecedented volumes of data. This meeting will provide a stage to discuss new and innovative systems, and efforts to upgrade, modernise and improve existing platforms, as allied air forces continue to seek the operational edge.

Topics discussed include: (pre)flight data management, multi-domain command and control, operating in a degraded environment, 5th generation integration and more...

What are the themes for this event?

The event will be exploring themes of technologies, integration and future platforms to take Air Mission Planning into the next generation, providing agile end to end mission support. Air Mission Planning will also include briefs concentrating on a number of topics, ranging from data management to 5th generation integration, from cyber security to multi-domain operations and more. The above topics and newly introduced components represent critical developments and military assets that will radically improve air capabilities in the present and future.

Key Reasons to Attend Air Mission Planning and Support 2020:

  • The only conference on air mission support and planning covering all areas such as fast-jet, heavy-lift, rotary perspectives and many more!
  • Highlighting the technological aspects integrated into next generation mission support - subsequently providing an in-depth insight on the innovative and cutting-edge solutions.
  • More international speakers than ever before, from leading air systems development and procurement

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  • Group Captain (ret'd) Robert Daisley, Former PM Joint Operational Doctrine, Joint Forces Command


  • Group Captain James Beck, Station Commander, RAF Marham, RAF
  • Brigadier General Ireneusz Nowak, 2nd Tactical Air Wing Commander, Polish Air Force
  • Colonel Carl-Fredrik Edstrom, Chief of Operations, Swedish Air Force
  • Colonel Antonio Vivolo, Air Staff, Plans and Transformation Office, Section Head Air Cap, Italian Air Force
  • Colonel Bruno Paupy, Deputy Chief, Plans Division, French Air Force
  • Colonel Francesco De Simone, 3rd Wing Commander, Italian Air Force
  • Colonel David Radomski, Director, Air Force SEEK EAGLE Office, US Air Force
  • Colonel Mark Lachapelle, Wing Commander, 22 Wing North Bay, Royal Canadian Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Didier Di Giovanni, AirC4ISR/MQ-9B Project Officer, Belgian Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Tibor Balla, Chief of INTEL, Hungarian Defence Force 86th Szolnok Helicopter Base

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Sep 30, 2020