Counter UAS Summit
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Aug 8, 2022

Counter UAS Summit

  • Defeating the UAS Threat from Homeland to the Battlefield
  • August 17-18, 2022- Alexandria, VA, United States

Advancing Counter-UAS Capabilities to Confront the Threat of UAS from Homeland to the Battlefield

At a crucial time when the United States Department of Defense plan to at least $636 million on Counter-UAS research and development and at least $75 million on C-UAS procurement in 2022, the Counter-UAS Summit will bring together senior decision-makers from both the Federal Government and the military to discuss key challenges, requirements and procurement programs.

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The rapid proliferation of UAS has been one of the most unsettling tactical advancements on the battlefield in recent years. Not least because of asymmetric engagement whereby the United States’ traditional air superiority is being challenged by non-state actors and adversaries. However, the use of UAS transcends the battlefield. Indeed, the ease of acquiring UAS means that key decision-makers are grappling with the question of how UAS can be integrated into the National Air System for beneficial purposes while mitigating the risk of the nefarious employment of UAS.

To combat this threat while simultaneously staying ahead of the curve, cooperation and innovation will be vital and this conference seeks to ensure that thought leaders can confront some of these key questions and together, bolster the security of the US and its allies.

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Market forecasts by Region, Technology, Propulsion, Endurance, MTOW, Range, Launching system, Application, and End User. Market and Technologies Overview, Market Dynamics, Events Forecast, and Leading Companies

Published: July 2021 - Pages: 270 pages

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Our Counter-UAS Summit will provide you the unique opportunity to network, connect, and learn from thought leaders and practitioners in this space.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Counter-UAS Summit 2022 in Washington, DC!

2022 Focus Areas to Include:

  • JCO and RCCTO Updates & Current Lines of Effort
  • Utilizing OSINT to Track the Use of UAS in the Ukrainian War
  • Critical National Infrastructure Protection
  • The Counter-UAS National Action Plan 2022
  • Updates on the legal and authority landscape
  • Bolstering Technical and Operational Interoperability
  • Securing Sensitive Environments

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2022 Speaker Faculty

  • Lieutenant General Karsten S. Heckl, Commanding General, Marine Corps Combat Development Command
  • Nicole Thomas, Division Chief for Strategy and Policy, Joint C-sUAS Office, US Army
  • Colonel Tony Behrens, Deputy Director, Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO)
  • Stanley Darbro, Deputy Director, Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office
  • Brent Cotton, Director, C-UAS PMO, Department of Homeland Security
  • L. Scott Parker, Branch Chief, Strategic Planning Section, Soft Targets and Crowded Places Task Force, Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security
  • Brigadier General Volker Samanns, Commander of Ground Units in the Air Force Forces Command, Bundeswehr
  • Kevin M. Jinks, Senior Counsel, Office of Legal Policy, U.S. Department of Justice
  • Todd Craig, Acting Assistant Director, Information, Policy, & Public Affairs, Federal Bureau of Prisons
  • David Kontny, Chief of Staff, Joint Program Office for Countering IED, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Thomas Adams, Supervisory Special Agent, FBI cUAS Program Manager, Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Bruce Naley, Technology Centers Division, Department of Homeland Security, Science & Technology Directorate
  • Major Jake Wade, Chief, Ground Branch, Robotic Requirements, US Army Futures Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Santamaria, Product Manager Medium Caliber Ammunition PM MAS, JPEO Armaments and Ammunition
  • Ryan Berry, Manager, UAS Security Division, Federal Aviation Administration
  • Don Rassler, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Combating Terrorism Center at West Point
  • Dr Alexandre Papy, Defense Against Terrorism (DAT) Counter UAV Chairman, NATO
  • Tim De Zitter, Lifecycle Manager, Belgian Defence
  • Zachary Kallenborn, Unmanned Systems (Swarms), CBRN Warfare and Terrorism Analyst
  • Pat Morris, Senior Director, C-UAS, Anduril Industries

2022 Industry Speaker Faculty

  • Tom Driscoll, CTO & Co-Founder, Echodyne
  • Bill Haraka, Vice President Defence & Security at Robin Radar Systems, Robin Radar Systems
  • Zohar Halachmi, Chairman & CEO, D-Fend Solutions
  • Timothy Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies

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