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University Export Controls 2021 Seminar

  • September 27-30, 2021- Columbus, OH, United States

Comprehensive & Practical EAR, ITAR & OFAC Compliance Training Focusing on the Issues Relevant to Universities, Research Laboratories, & Companies that Collaborate with these Organizations

Universities and research organizations play a vital role in the development and advancement of our most critical and sensitive technologies. As the eye of the US Government has become more keenly focused on university export violations, the risks for these institutions have become significantly greater. No university wants to become the poster child for university export control violations, and many programs are increasingly challenged with making sure that their compliance is up to speed.

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The realities of complex regulations, increased government scrutiny, and dramatic export control reform create a real challenge for those responsible for compliance at academic and research facilities. Balancing academic freedom for faculty and researchers with compliance - and factoring in the issues specific to foreign national students and faculty - can be overwhelming.

Join us for our four-day comprehensive training on the ins and outs of US export control rules from the perspective of universities and research organizations. While some conferences merely skim the surface, we will delve into the details of the EAR, OFAC, and ITAR rules as they affect the day-to-day operations of these organizations. The comprehensive curriculum is organized to examine the issues in a thorough and methodical manner. Novices will get comprehensive, detailed training on the key rules while experts will have a unique opportunity to master the critical nuances of the rules and hear the viewpoints of their peers on the most complex and daunting compliance challenges.

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Private companies who sponsor or work with universities and research laboratories on research projects will also benefit from this training by gaining unique and invaluable insights into the special compliance issues faced by these organizations, facilitating mutually beneficial partnerships between the academic and private sector. Professional export compliance instructors and a number of respected panelists from the university community will lead the training, discussions, and hands-on, practical exercises. Dynamic and methodic instruction -with emphasis on active learning and case studies - will provide compliance professionals from universities, research laboratories, and private enterprise with the complete details of US Export Controls as they apply to the academic and research community.

Who Should Attend?

  • University Export Compliance Officers / Contracts Administrators
  • Research Lab Export Compliance Officers / Contracts Administrators
  • Compliance Professionals from Private Industry Who Collaborate with Universities & Research Labs

Agenda Topics:

  • Introduction to Export Controls in a University Environment
  • Controlled Items & Activities
  • Exclusions from the EAR
  • Fundamental Research Exclusion (Exercises Workshop)
  • Fundamental Research Panel Discussion: The Practitioner Perspective
  • Jurisdiction & Classifications (Exercises Workshop)
  • Hot Topics in Export Controls: University Focus
  • No License Required (NLR) (Exercises Workshop)
  • License Exceptions (Exercises Workshop)
  • End-Use/User Controls (Exercises Workshop)
  • OFAC Sanctions and Compliance
  • License Applications
  • Export Clearance
  • Export Enforcement
  • FBI Perspective: University Export Control Enforcement / Internal Control Programs for Universities
  • How Leading Research Universities Approach their Programs
  • Export Controls & University Contracts
  • Present and Future Export Controls on Encryption and Artificial Intelligence
  • Collaborating with Faculty and Researchers
  • Introduction to the ITAR
  • What Does the ITAR Control / Not Control? (Exercises Workshop)
  • Registration and Empowered Official Issues
  • ITAR Special Restrictions (Exercises Workshop)
  • ITAR License Exemptions (Exercises Workshop)
  • ITAR Licenses
  • ITAR Agreements (Exercises Workshop)
  • ITAR Hardware & Shipping

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 28, 2021

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