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C2ISR Family of Systems Interactive Discussion Series

  • September 9, 2021- Online

Enabling Multi-Domain Operations

The Family of Systems concept continues to inform pan-NATO thinking on next-generation C2ISR. Expressed through NATO's AFSC Programme and USAF's ABMS Programme, it offers a framework for delivering a networked set of capabilities that can achieve decisive C2 for the multi-domain battlespace.

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A half-day session scheduled to permit US and European participation and featuring spotlight presentations from defence and industry, the C2ISR FOS Webinar will address three principal challenges via three interactive panel discussions. The first challenge is one of definitions. The integration inherent in Family of Systems will only be attainable if partners and services across NATO can agree on a unified concept both for FOS itself and the associated concept of "multi-domain". Shaping those definitions is the joint responsibility of defence and its partners in industry.

Second will be a discussion on autonomy within the OODA loop. The technologies equipped to enable a FOS approach have the potential to accelerate decision-making and significantly ease the cognitive burden on the warfighter, but only if forces can agree on an acceptable threshold for autonomy and overcome reservations that are as ethical as they are technical.

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Finally, and most importantly, delivering FoS in practice will require a transformative approach to acquisition. Rapidly-evolving and software-based technologies - critical to FoS and multi-domain C2ISR - do not sit well with conventional approaches to requirements setting and procurement. In that context, this webinar will provide a good opportunity for industry to influence an agile and iterative approach to fielding future capability.

We are delighted to welcome you to the latest addition to it's market-leading C2ISR portfolio. We look forward to seeing you online in September.

Key Disussion Topics will include:

  • Enabling multi-domain/joint all-domain command and control in an operational context
  • Setting the foundations for a distributed command structure
  • Next-generation sensors and systems
  • Introducing autonomy into the OODA loop
  • Enhancing service-level integration and driving organisational transformation to accommodate cross-domain thinking
  • Refining and replicating a "DevOps" approach to acquisition
  • Increasing tolerance to risk to accelerate the integration of new technology

This session is not open to the media. Please do not register if you represent a media organisation

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  • Matthew Gillis, Acting Head, ISR, Land and Maritime Section, NATO De fe nce Investment Division
  • Dr Cagatay Soyer, Alliance Future Surveillance and Control Project Manager, NSPA
  • Group Captain Neale Dewar, Operations Branch Head, Cyberspace Operations Centre, SHAPE
  • Jacob Johnson, Director,JADO Programs, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Skunk Works
  • Mark Ashwell, Chief Strategy Officer, L3Harris Te chnologies UK
  • James McClellen, Senior Fellow Mission Integration, L3Harris
  • Rich Laing, Senior Scientist, Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, NCIA
  • Edward Hunter Christie, Deputy Head, Innovation Unit, Emerging Security Challenges Division, NATO HQ
  • Chris Middleton, Innovation Scout, JHub, UK STRATCOM
  • Colonel Bert Shell,Former Director, JADC2 Technical Division, Joint Modernization Command, US Army Futures Command
  • Lieutenant Colonel Mary Ellington, Requirements Division, HQ NATO AEW&CForce
  • Lieutenant Colonel Soenke Fischhoefer, Senior Geospatial Officer, European Union Military Staff
  • Lieutenant Colonel Aaron Celaya, Artificial Intelligence Liaison to Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability,Artificial Intelligence Cross-Functional Team & Deputy Branch Chief, Doctrine & Concepts, Headquarters United States Space Force

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jul 14, 2021

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