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Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit

  • Advancing UxS and Robotic Capabilities for the Near Future Force
  • August 3-4, 2021- Alexandria, VA, United States

The 9th Annual Unmanned Systems and Robotics Summit provides leaders within the Department of Defense, academia, industry, and other critical stakeholders an open 'Town Hall' forum that serves as a conduit for information exchange, idea generation, and open dialogue and debate. The goal of this year's Summit is to focus on near term capabilities as well as future innovations in support of improving the utilization of UxS and robotics across domains and Services.

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Current Health and Safety Protocols

Topics to be covered at the 2021 Summit:

  • Building Aerial Logistics and Autonomous Resupply Programs
  • Accelerating the US Navy's Unmanned Systems Campaign in Support of Distributed Maritime Operations
  • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence at the Tactical Edge:The Army's Maneuver Robotics Strategy
  • Supporting the Marine Corps Force Design 2030 with Enhanced Uxs / Robotic Capabilities
  • Utilizing UxS and robotics for supporting the close combat warfighter in dense, urban (and subterranean) environments
  • UxS for medical support and evacuation
  • Evolving attritable aircraft for the Air Force while expanding MUM-T capabilities
  • Improving Warfighter support capabilities for Expeditionary Advance Base Operations (EABO) for the Navy
  • Advancing Scalable, Adaptive, and Resilient Autonomy (SARA) for ground vehicles in complex and contested terrain
  • Perimeter and critical infrastructure surveillance and security
  • Industry's role in developing small robots for small units to create a System-of-Systems Enhanced Small Unit (SESU)

Why You Should Attend This Summit:

Our 9th Annual Unmanned Systems & Robotics Summit will emphasize improving the multi domain functionality and networked approach to UxS capabilities. In order to maintain our technological and military advantage and dominate on the future battlefield, the US Military must continue to integrate robust, cutting-edge UxS and robotic capabilities.

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Market forecasts by Region, Technology, Propulsion, Endurance, MTOW, Range, Launching system, Application, and End User. Market and Technologies Overview, Market Dynamics, Events Forecast, and Leading Companies

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This has been emphasized across the Services and the Summit will delve into how the UxS and robotics communities can best support the evolving Naval Unmanned Systems Campaign in alignment with the TriService 'Advantage at Sea'; the Marine Corps' Force Design 2030 ; The Air Force's work towards developing attritable aircraft and evolving MUM-T, and the Army's continued modernization objectives including developing common standards / open architectures across all platforms and updates on JTAARS, OMFV and more.

The Summit will also touch upon the broader aspects of future integration of AI capabilities and the impact on UxS platforms for integrating into JADC2. Industry and Academic Attendees will have a unique opportunity to engage in open and honest dialogue with decision makers and acquisition authorities about the future capabilities and requirements of these systems. Military and government attendees and speakers will gain feedback from industry towards the technical 'art of the possible' and their current challenges, while disseminating their respective organizations' current priorities and initiatives.

Open to U.S. and Allied Nations Only.

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2021 Early Confirmed Speakers:

  • LtGen Eric Smith, USMC, Commanding General, MCCDC; Deputy Commandant for CD&I, Headquarters, USMC
  • RADM Brian Corey, USN, PEO, Unmanned and Weapons, NAVAIR
  • BrigGen Heather Pringle, USAF, Commander, AFRL
  • Michael Stewart, SES, Deputy, N91 Integrated Warfare, OPNAV
  • Ms. Jeanette Evans- Morgis, SES, Chief Systems Engineer, ASA (ALT)
  • CAPT Pete Small, PM, PMS 406, PEO U&SC, NAVSEA
  • Mr. Ted Maciuba PE, Deputy Director, Robotics Requirements, MCDID, Futures and Concepts Center, AFC

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 14, 2021

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