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Directed Energy Symposium

  • Advancing Directed Energy Capabilities to Enhance U.S. Warfighter superiority
  • May 5-6, 2021- National Harbor, MD, United States

Our 4th Annual Directed Energy Symposium will address the increasing need across the military to develop offensive and defensive directed energy capabilities as well as the systems needed to store the power needed for a directed energy weapon. As near-peer threats develop more sophisticated missile systems and the use of cheap drones by non-state actors grows, the need for directed energy capabilities to counter these threats will only increase. Directed energy weapons have the potential to stop a future hypersonic or ballistic missile attack or counter swarms of enemy drones, as the future battlefield becomes more technologically advanced.

This event is open to US citizens only.

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Topics to be covered at the 2021 Symposium:

  • Creating Game Changing Directed Energy Weapons for our Warfighters
  • Enhancing US Missile Defense Capabilities through Directed Energy
  • Applying DE to counter enemy UAV threats
  • Providing Directed Energy Weapons Systems to Warfighters for Increased Lethality and Support Across Multi-Domain Operations
  • Testing and Evaluating Emerging Directed Energy Weapons
  • Enabling Warfighter Dominance on Current and Future Battlefields with DEW

Why You Should Attend This Symposium:

The 2021 Directed Energy Symposium will provide a forum to discuss the current efforts and innovations in directed energy in support of advancing US warfighters edge on the battlefield. As the US maintains its counter terrorism operations across and continues to ramp up its efforts shift towards great power competition, new and advanced weapons will need to be rapidly developed and fielded to provide the Warfighter the edge on the battlefield needed to overcome enemies in any operation environment.

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Global Military UAV - Market and Technology Forecast to 2029

Market forecasts by Region, Technology, Propulsion, Endurance, MTOW, Range, Launching system, Application, and End User. Market and Technologies Overview, Market Dynamics, Events Forecast, and Leading Companies

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Directed Energy weapons have the potential to provide low cost, high capacity capabilities to defend against emerging enemy missiles threats and the rise of non-state actors utilizing commercial UAV platforms. The pace at which America's enemies are developing these new systems and tactics will require the US to ramp up its own development of directed energy systems and move this technology from the labs to the battlefield. Directed Energy weapons have the potential to counter the advantage that emerging technologies have provided potential enemies and shift the balance back to the US Warfighter.

As the battlefield of the 21st century and beyond continue to evolve and new technology is introduced at a rapid pace the US will need to continue to advance its capabilities. Directed Energy Systems have the potential to boost US dominance in any future operation environment.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summit's content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in the directed energy community to include key policy-makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

2021 Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • LTG Neil Thurgood, USA, Director of Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
  • Dr. Kelly Hammett, SES, Director, Directed Energy Directorate, AFRL
  • BG Brian Gibson, USA, Director, Air and Missile Defense CFT
  • BGen James Adams, USMC, Director for Force Structure, Resources & Assessment, J8, Joint Staff
  • Paul Mann, SES, Department of the Navy’s Chief Engineer, DASN (RDT&E)
  • Stanley Stafira, Jr., Chief Architect, Missile Defense Agency

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 29, 2021

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