Military Tactical Communications Summit

  • Delivering Tactical Networks to Fight and Win in Any Environment
  • September 9-10, 2020
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

The 9th Annual Military Tactical Communications Summit will bring together senior-level experts from across the services to discuss initiatives towards advancing and modernizing tactical communication and mission command capabilities across the joint force. The 2020 Summit will aim to enhance the warfighter's ability to shoot, move, and communicate in any operating environment they might encounter across the globe.

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Topics to be covered at the 2020 Summit:

  • Delivering Timely and Secure Communications and Information Across the Army Enterprise
  • Driving Rapid and Secure Communications to Enable Joint All-Domain Command and Control
  • Effectively Defining, Prioritizing, Acquiring, Managing, and Implementing C4II capabilities in Support of DoD operations
  • Sustaining Resilient and Assured Communications in Contested and Congested Operating Environments
  • Integrating Tactical Communication Capabilities Across Multi-Domain Operations
  • Advancing Network Capabilities in order to Fight, Win, and Dominate in a Multi-Domain Environment
  • Evolving 5G for Use in Military Tactical Communications

Why You Should Attend this Year's Symposium:

The 2020 Military Tactical Communications Summit will focus on the advancement of communication systems and capabilities required for the modern warfighter to compete, deter, and win against all enemies across any operating environment. The event will discuss efforts across the DoD to rapidly improve and equip units with secure, reliable and innovative networks. It will bring together speakers from the DoD, industry and academia to discuss the way forward to deliver stable and dependable communication to US forces across the globe and in a growing Great Power Competition.

Speakers will discuss the policies, acquisition priorities, technological advancements and end-user perspectives regarding military tactical communications and networking capabilities needed to maintain US Supremacy in a rapidly changing world. With the emerging challenges that near-peer nations are presenting the need for reliable communications and C2 capabilities is becoming more and more apparent. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to speak with decision makers about key network modernization efforts and initiatives towards ensuring dependable and continuous communications for the warfighter.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summit's content and focus areas. We will assemble the most respected minds in the C4ISR community, including operational leaders, key policymakers, DoD labs, industry and academia. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all involved organizations bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

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2020 Early Confirmed Speakers:

  • Lt. Gen. Bradford J. Shwedo, USAF, Director, C4/Cyber, Chief Information Officer, J-6 Joint Staff
  • Dr. Michael Zatman, Assistant Director for FNC3, OUSD R&E
  • Brig Gen Chad Raduege, USAF, Director of Cyberspace and Information Dominance, CIO, Air Combat Command
  • Michael Monteleone, SES, Director, Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate, C5ISR Center
  • Ward Roberts, Project Manager, Interoperability, Integration, and Services, PEO C3T
  • Col Robert King, USAF, Senior Materiel Leader, C3I & Infrastructure Division, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Aug 6, 2020