DoD Hypersonic Capabilities Live Streaming Symposium 2020

  • Enabling Dominant Hypersonic Systems in a Great Power Environment
  • July 20-21, 2020
  • Online Event, Your Computer


Open to US Citizens ONLY

Our 2nd DoD Hypersonic Capabilities Symposium will emphasize the continued need to develop American hypersonic technologies and leverage these technologies to achieve U.S. National Security goals. Hypersonic Missiles and Glide Vehicles have the potential to be game-changing weapons that could cause the US to rethink its posture and strategy across the globe. The 2020 Hypersonics Symposium will facilitate discussions to accelerate the acquisition of hypersonic platforms that will provide the United States the capabilities to maintain the balance of global power.

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Topics of Discussion:

  • Evolving and Enhancing U.S. Hypersonic Capabilities
  • Rapidly Delivering Hypersonic Capabilities to the Warfighter
  • Providing Full Life-Cycle Support of Naval Aviation Aircraft in Support of Urgent Warfighter Needs
  • Expanding and Sustaining Production of U.S. Hypersonic Weapons
  • Employing Hypersonic Weapons to Deter Enemy Attacks and Guarantee the Security of our Nation
  • Understanding the Stresses and Complexities of Flights at Extreme Speeds
  • Delivering Hypersonic Systems Across Naval Platforms
  • Developing Hybrid Engines Capable of Efficient Hypersonic Flight
  • Accelerating the Acquisition of U.S. Hypersonic Platforms

Why You Should Attend This Year's Symposium

This educational symposium will bring together senior DoD officials, military leaders, academia, and solution providers to explore emerging concepts and capabilities in hypersonic weapons and systems in both offensive and defensive measures. The hypersonic market is predicted to be have sales of over $5 billon by the mid 2020's and is the main priority of development for the Pentagon according to Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering Michael Griffin. hypersonic technology has the potential to be a ground-breaking technology that changes the way future wars are fought and the balance of global power.

Our 2020 DoD Hypersonic Capabilities Symposium will emphasize the pressing need to develop offensive and defensive hypersonic technologies to counter and gain a lead on Russian and Chinese technological advances in this field. Hypersonic Missiles and Glide Vehicles can bypass conventional missile defense systems and pose a threat to US Forces across ground, air, and sea. Developing counter measures, as well as missiles of our own will provide the United States with the deterrence needed to prevent an attack against its forces and help maintain its place as the dominant global force.

This symposium will feature senior level discussions that emphasize the critical need for the rapid acquisition and development of hypersonic capabilities across all services. This program will allow for open and honest dialogue to solve the nation's most difficult technical and strategic challenges.

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2020 Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Honorable Ellen Lord, Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition & Sustainment
  • Gen. Stephen Wilson, USAF, Vice Chief of Staff, United States Air Force
  • Michael White, Assistant Director, Hypersonics, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Research and Engineering
  • Bob Strider, SES, Deputy Director, Army Rapid Capabilities and Critical Technologies Office, Deputy, Army Hypersonic Project Office
  • Dr. Yvette Weber, SES, Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Science, Technology and Engineering
  • Evan Hoapili, SES, Director of Resource and Capability Integration, United States Strategic Command
  • Col. Jeffrey Geraghty, USAF, Commander, Arnold Engineering Development Complex

View 2020 Online Conference Agenda

Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jun 29, 2020