Hypersonic Weapon Systems Conference - Online Event!

  • June 30-July 1, 2020
  • Online Event, Your Computer

From Research to Reality: Operationalising Hypersonic Capabilities, Systems and Engineering

NATO's potential adversaries are fielding hypersonic weapon systems faster than anticipated; a reality that has brought the Alliance's own progress in this field, under great scrutiny. The potential to deliver near-instantaneous effect on the battlefield has highlighted shortcomings in existing strategic air and missile defence systems, and prompted a worldwide re-examination of traditional deterrence models. Unless NATO's members and partners can bring comparable capabilities online rapidly, they will be ill-equipped to deter and defend threats to their highest value assets, in-theatre and beyond.

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Hypersonic Weapon Systems is a unique 2 day online event featuring live interactive webinars by international researchers, capability development professionals and tri-service operators from international missile defence and fires communities, all focused on the urgent development of both offensive and defensive hypersonic technologies. The programme will support the development of operational concepts and doctrine, whilst also engaging with technical subject areas including aerothermodynamics, propulsion systems, and air-breathing technology.

Join us in June 2020 to delve into cutting-edge hypersonic research and development activities, and be part of an international community which is evolving faster than the speed of sound!

Benefits of Attending

  • PREPARE FOR THE FUTURE OF HYPERSONIC WEAPON SYSTEMS by formulating operational concepts and doctrine
  • RAPIDLY DELIVER HYPERSONIC STRIKE CAPABILITIES by collaborating with cutting-edge scientific researchers and engineers
  • OVERCOME EXTREME ENGINEERING CHALLENGES to accelerate the testing, evaluation and fielding of hypersonic weapon systems
  • PREPARE TO INTEGRATE HYPERSONIC CAPABILITIES within a joint force approach to multi-domain operations
  • DETECT, TRACK AND DEFEAT HYPERSONIC THREATS by rethinking traditional approaches to air defence

Who Attends?

  • Military Capability Development
  • Air Defence and Joint Fires Operators
  • Industry Programme Managers & Engineers
  • Defence Research

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  • Rex Jordan, Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

Speaker Faculty

  • Vice Admiral Jon Hill, Director, Missile Defense Agency
  • Ms Marcia Holmes, Deputy Director for Hypersonics, Directed Energy, Space and Rapid Acquisition, Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Acquisition, Logistics and Technology)
  • Paul Dack FRAeS, Chief Scientist, UK Missile Defence Centre
  • Major General Frederic Parisot, Deputy Chief of Staff, Plans and Programmes, French Air Force
  • David Hunter, Principal Scientist, Dstl, UK MoD
  • Dr. Gillian Bussey, Special Advisor to the Assistant Director of Hypersonics, Office of the Under Secretary of Defense (Research and Engineering)
  • Dr. Russell Cummings, Director of DoD HPCMP Hypersonic Vehicle Simulation Institute, US Air Force Academy
  • Dr. Eric Marineau, Program Officer, Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Heat Transfer and Materials, Office of Naval Research, US Navy
  • Dr. Iain Boyd, Professor of Aerospace Engineering Sciences and Faculty Director of National Security, University of Colorado
  • Dr. Phil Ligrani, Eminent Scholar in Propulsion, Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Alabama in Huntsville
  • Dr. Ivett Leyva, Program Officer, Engineering and Complex Systems Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Air Force Research Laboratory
  • Dr. Richard Connolly, Director, Centre for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (CREES), University of Birmingham
  • Justin Bronk, Research Fellow, Airpower And Technology, RUSI
  • Dr. James Bosbotinis, Independent Specialist in Defence and International Affairs, JB Associates

View 2020 Online Conference Agenda

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Date: Jun 4, 2020