US Navy Selects Fairbanks Morse to Power T-AO 209 Replenishment Ship

T-AO 209 Lucy Stone to rely on Fairbanks Morse engines when delivering fuel to the deployed global fleet

Fairbanks Morse, an EnPro Industries company (NYSE: NPO) and leading provider of solutions that are powering the world forward, has been selected by the US Navy to provide the main propulsion diesel engines for the T-AO 209 Lucy Stone. The Lucy Stone is the 5th fleet replenishment ship of the new John Lewis Class designed to service ships and aircraft at sea.

“This partnership will help the US Navy safely and reliably deliver fuel to its global fleet with the best in diesel engine technology,” said Fairbanks Morse President, Deepak Navnith. “The Lucy Stone will rely on Fairbanks Morse engines to complete its missions around the world and move maritime energy forward into the future.”

Two FM | MAN 12V 48/60 CR engines, rated at just over 19,000 bhp each, will be built at the Fairbanks Morse facility in Beloit, Wisconsin and will be delivered to General Dynamics NASSCO in San Diego in 2022. The engines will be equipped with the latest diesel engine technology: a common rail fuel injection system, engine control systems, and will meet the latest emission requirements with an exhaust after-treatment system.

Contracts for the design and construction of six John Lewis Class Fleet Replenishment Ships—like the Lucy Stone—have been granted by the US Navy to a sum of $3.2 billion. The Navy has announced plans to procure an additional 14 ships of the John Lewis Class in future contract awards. The Fairbanks Morse engines will serve as critical elements in ensuring that the ships operate safely and reliably and will aid in fueling critical missions over the long term. Fairbanks Morse will also provide auxiliary equipment and commissioning services.

Today, Fairbanks Morse engines are installed on approximately 80 percent of US Navy ships that have a medium speed power application. The US Navy has turned to Fairbanks Morse for over seven decades to provide quality diesel engines for marine propulsion and ship service systems.

Source: Fairbanks Morse
Date: Dec 16, 2019