Helicopters Acquired by Ecocopter Landed in Chile to Reinfor
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Mar 15, 2023

Helicopters Acquired by Ecocopter Landed in Chile to Reinforce its Fleet in South America

  • The Chilean air services company Ecocopter purchased four new helicopters last year, three of them Airbus H125, which have already arrived in the country with the aim of expanding the fleet and consolidating its operations in Latam.
  • A fourth Airbus H145 aircraft will arrive in 2023, which will allow the company to continue leading the industry with state-of-the-art, efficient and safe aircraft.

The Chilean firm Ecocopter ordered three H125 helicopters and one H145 from Airbus in 2022 to continue consolidating aerial work missions in a variety of industrial and productive sectors in the Southern Cone of America. The first three H125 helicopters have already been delivered and are in Chile, and by mid 2023 the H145 will be added, consolidating a total fleet of 21 aircraft, composed solely of Airbus helicopters, which will operate in Latam.

Thus, the helicopter company adds to its operations 16 units of the H125, two EC135, and three H145 / EC145 models. The new helicopters will be used for the different types of aerial work and services provided by the company, mainly in the mining sector, energy, telecommunications, aeromedical transfers, offshore services for oil platforms, forest firefighting, and a wide range of aerial missions. In addition, they perform environmental impact studies, cargo, transport, washing of insulators in electrical towers and installation of avalanche control systems, and the study of geography, flora and fauna, among other services.

"These new high-performance helicopters represent a clear step in our strategy to consolidate our regional presence in South America, with high quality standards. Thus, we want to continue on the path of being a reference in high complexity aerial work missions with a genuine commitment to safety, excellence, innovation and sustainability in all our operational processes, and continue to be a permanent support for our customers," says Francisco Arriagada, Ecocopter's Commercial Manager.

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Created in 2003, Ecocopter is a reference in highly complex aerial work missions in South America. Its fleet of Airbus helicopters is characterized by its high efficiency and versatility, and the company is known worldwide for its unique fuselage designs. Each aircraft has a design that is a tribute to a different scientific motif: from entomology to the universe and Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

Notably, the H125s are the best-selling helicopters worldwide and, according to the manufacturer, have accumulated more than 37 million flight hours with more than 5,350 helicopters currently in operation. The model, known for its robustness, versatility and high performance, is widely used in highly demanding missions.

Meanwhile, the H145 has logged more than six million flight hours and is operating more than 1,500 worldwide. These aircraft have the latest aeronautical technology, which makes them one of the most modern Airbus helicopters in the world's skies.