Universal Avionics InSight Flight Display System certified o
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Feb 5, 2024

Universal Avionics InSight Flight Display System certified on Falcon 2000/EX

Universal Avionics (UA) and Trimec Aviation have achieved FAA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for the Falcon 2000/EX equipped with the InSight™ Flight Display System. The upgrade replaces legacy Pro Line 4 avionics with the latest-generation displays and industry-leading synthetic vision to resolve obsolescence issues, maintenance challenges, improve operational efficiency and performance, and enhance safety.

The Falcon 2000/EX InSight installation includes four high-resolution displays and two touchscreen-enabled control displays, replacing aging CRT technology with significantly brighter displays, while increasing functionality and improving situational awareness. The system integrates with existing aircraft systems and includes Universal Flight Management Systems (FMS) and UniLink data communications solution.

“This critical milestone opens the door for Falcon 2000/EX operators to modernize their cockpit, upgrading to state of the art capabilities while extending the aircraft’s longevity for years to come,” said Dror Yahav, CEO of Universal Avionics. “We are thrilled to deliver this sustainable solution for the Falcon 2000/EX in partnership with Trimec Aviation.”

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Key benefits of the InSight system for Falcon 2000/EX operators include:

  • Increased Payload and Efficiency: Provides an additional 84 lbs (38.1kg) of payload, enables LPV and RNP approaches down to 0.3nm to expand the range of airports where precision approaches can be performed, and saves 15 minutes or more on a typical flight with CPDLC Departure Clearances.
  • Enhanced situational awareness: Cutting-edge, 2nd-generation 3D synthetic vision system combined with advanced safety features for traffic, weather, and terrain improve situational awareness in critical situations.
  • NextGen compliance: Meet current and future airspace requirements for FANS 1/A+, CPDLC, and ATN B1 with a future-proof avionics solution.  
  • Simplified Workload: High-resolution displays enhance clarity and readability, with intuitive touch control interactions to reduce crew workload. The integrated FMS enables graphical flight planning and streamlines operations.

“It is exciting to see this STC come to fruition, and I thank our entire Fort Worth technical team and our Universal partners for taking us to the STC finish line,” said Mike Rabadi, Trimec Aviation President.

“We stand ready to work with Falcon 2000/EX operators to provide this efficient solution as they face irreplaceable CDUs and FMS for the existing Pro Line 4 cockpit,” said John Holland, Trimec Aviation General Manager. “This upgrade is a great way to extend the Falcon 2000’s operating efficiency, increase its available payload, and enhance pilot safety.”

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