L3Harris' Off-the-Shelf Flight Recorder System Provides Imme
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Jan 16, 2023

L3Harris' Off-the-Shelf Flight Recorder System Provides Immediate Cost-Saving, Compliant Solution for Light Aircraft and Helicopters

  • Provides essential and recommended ED-155 flight, inertial, air and position data parameters
  • Reduces time, installation and certification costs to meet mandates and recommendations
  • Delivers operators essential data to enhance pilot safety and operational efficiency

L3Harris Technologies’ (NYSE:LHX) announced the availability of its off-the-shelf cohesive flight data recorder system for light aircraft and helicopters that meets the European Union Aviation Safety Agency’s ED-155 mandate.

The L3Harris integrated solution, composed of the L3Harris EFD-750 Standby connected to the L3Harris lightweight data recorder (LDR), significantly reduces installation, maintenance and service time and expenses by eliminating the need to integrate, wire, test and connect numerous systems to an ED-155 certified recorder.

“Aircraft and helicopters must be able to transmit required ED-155 parameters to a certified, lightweight flight recorder,” said Alan Crawford, President, L3Harris Commercial Aviation. “Our integrated solution simplifies installation using proven best-in-class products that enhance pilot safety, exceed recorder data parameter recommendations, and save manufacturers and operators time and expense.”

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The advanced and configurable EFD-750 is an essential back-up display presenting airspeed, altitude, attitude and slip data with options for heading and navigation, enhancing pilot situational awareness and safety. The L3Harris LDR is a small, lightweight ED-155 certified recorder providing crash-protected recording of audio, image and flight data.

Paired with the aircraft’s global positioning antenna, the L3Harris integrated solution provides all essential and recommended flight, inertial, air data and position parameters recommended by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s ED-155 specifications defined for light weight aircraft recorders and can be installed as a line-fit or retrofit solution.

Operators can quickly access and download images, video and data parameters using a web browser, providing actionable information for preventive maintenance, flight data management, operations quality assurance and safety risks using L3Harris or third-party flight data analytics programs.  

The European Union Aviation Safety Agency ED-155 mandate for capturing essential flight data parameters took effect this year for forward-fit light helicopters and general aviation aircraft. Several other global aviation safety and security agencies are recommending or proposing similar mandates.

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