Vaya Space Awarded Multiple Patents for Vortex-Hybrid Engine
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Aug 9, 2022

Vaya Space Awarded Multiple Patents for Vortex-Hybrid Engine Technology

Vaya Space, the vortex-hybrid engine rocket company and emerging leader in sustainable space access, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has awarded two patents to the Company on its breakthrough vortex-hybrid propulsion technology.

Privately held Vaya Space, with operations in both the US and Brazil, has recently emerged as one of the leaders in the space industry and small satellite launch sector.  The Company took a technology-first and different approach than many of its well-funded competitors, and as such has recently gained credibility from numerous industry leaders through recent agreements with NASA and major satellite customers that have selected Vaya Space as their launch provider for their constellations.   

The Company's first patent was awarded for its unique production process of its 3D printed fuel grain that enables higher performance through uniform burn throughout the entirety of the engine.  The second patent protects Vaya's vortex flow field injection system design.  The vortex flow of liquid oxygen through the 3D lathe printed rocket engine combines with Vaya's other technologies to deliver more than 110 kN of thrust per engine, up to 350 seconds of ISP, and eliminates the instability and other issues that have plagued hybrid engines of the past decades.  

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Rob Fabian, Chief Operating Officer of Vaya Space commented, "These two patent awards are a testament to the world class engineering team at Vaya, and we are just getting started.  Breakthrough doesn't begin to define what we have recently accomplished.  We see no barrier to transforming this and adjacent industries, and expect to make a difference for the environment in the process."   

Vaya's rocket engines are produced using more than 20 metric tons of recycled thermoplastics and deliver industry leading payload performance at a substantially lower cost than competitors.  Vaya's engines have zero TNT explosive equivalency and utilize materials that are non-toxic, non-hazardous, and require no special handling, storage, or transportation.  Vaya's rocket engines use substantially fewer components resulting in improved reliability, are far less costly to produce, and operate with substantially lower emissions.  

The awarding of Vaya's two patents, multiple additional intellectual property in its pipeline, and the recent contracts and agreements with satellite customers and NASA have positioned Vaya as not just the greenest rocket company in the industry, but also the emerging leader and low-cost provider in the sector.