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Kaman Announces Receipt of New K-MAX Orders

Kaman Air Vehicles, a division of Kaman Corporation (NYSE:KAMN), announced the receipt of signed purchase agreements for two K-MAX® medium-to-heavy lift helicopters with deliveries expected in the fourth quarter of 2021. The operators are located in the U.S. and Canada.

“We are thrilled that the K-MAX® continues to be the helicopter of choice for external lift applications that require the need for precise, efficient and cost-effective operations,” saidRoger Wassmuth, Senior Director of Business Development. “The proven firefighting capabilities of the K-MAX® and the tireless efforts of its operators throughout the 2021 fire season have garnered the K-MAX® with the reputation of being the most accurate water placement according to the United States Forest Service (USFS) hotshot ground crew survey.”

“Kaman is pleased to continue the delivery of K-MAX® helicopters to the external lift industry”, stated Darlene Smith, President, Kaman Air Vehicles Division. “K-MAX® is a clear choice for the repetitive lift market where there is an urgent need for a reliable aerial platform to perform critical missions such as firefighting and infrastructure building.”

Air Handling Units Market - Global Forecast to 2026

Air Handling Units Market - Global Forecast to 2026

by Application (Commercial, Residential), Type (Packaged, Modular, Custom), Capacity (?5,000 M3/H, 5,001 - 15,000 M3/H, 15,001 - 30,000 M3/H, 30,001 - 50,000 M3/H, ? 50,001 M3/H), & Region

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Kaman continues the advancement of its unmanned TITAN UAV aerial system with ongoing flight-testing utilizing Kaman’s test aircraft and U.S. Marine Corps (USMC) K-MAX® aircraft. The vehicle with upgraded autonomous systems performed successfully at a recent technology demonstration. The TITAN UAV aerial system can also be installed in new and existing commercial K-MAX® aircraft after FAA certification is completed.

The K-MAX® is a rugged, low-maintenance aircraft that features a counter-rotating rotor system and is optimized for repetitive external load operations. The aircraft can lift up to 6,000 pounds (2,722 kg) with unmatched performance in hot and high conditions.

Source: Kaman Corp.
Date: Nov 3, 2021
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