Raytheon UK to Fund New Research Projects With Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises

Raytheon UK will fund two new projects – from Nottingham Scientific Limited and Visual Management Systems – as part of its SpaRk, or small-to medium-sized enterprise partnerships advancing Raytheon knowledge, initiative. Now in its sixth year, SpaRk supports innovative technology ideas from small and medium-sized enterprises, known as SMEs, and academic institutions.

“SMEs and academia are vital to the country’s economy and key to extending Raytheon UK’s research and development supply chain,” said Alex Rose-Parfitt, Engineering Director, Raytheon UK. “Through SpaRk, we offer financial assistance and mentoring, as well as access to our customers and markets, engineering expertise and networking opportunities.”

Nottingham Scientific Limited will receive funding to produce a feasibility study on a satellite-based system design to monitor Radio Frequency signals in the Global Navigation Satellite System, or GNSS. This could be used to protect critical infrastructure, assets and vital operations from cyber-attacks like spoofing and jamming.

Visual Management Systems, a leading provider of face recognition technology, will explore the feasibility of using machine learning technology on unmanned airborne platforms to monitor, detect and recognise vehicles and other assets in remote areas. It also seeks to improve the quality of currently available information and the cost of data transmission.

Since 2015 Raytheon UK has invested more than £1.5 million in SMEs and universities to further research and development projects across the country.

Source: Raytheon Corporation (NYSE: RTN)
Date: Mar 14, 2020