CABSEC/SAMSEC 2020 Conference

  • March 24-26, 2020
  • Cartagena, Colombia

CABSEC/SAMSEC 2020: Promoting Regional Cooperation and Countering Transnational Threats

Our 8th annual CABSEC and SAMSEC forum will be hosted by the Colombia Navy; Cartagena de Indias, 24 - 26 March.

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This established forum meets annually and brings together the region's defence and security leadership to discuss strategy, cooperation, requirements and challenges and has helped advance the security dialogue in the region through the forum's objectives to;

  • Promote regional and hemispheric security cooperation through expanding networks
  • Help to build enduring partnerships in order to enhance regional security capacity in Central and South America and the Caribbean

The theme for 2020 is under development at the moment with the Colombian Navy. The theme for 2019 was Promoting Regional Cooperation and Countering Transnational Threats. With a specific day dedicated to HA/DR relief in the region which also allowed attendees to visit the Caribbean Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), inlcuding the new Multinational Caribbean Coordination Centre (MNCCC) the Regional Security System (RSS) and the Integrated Coastal Surveillance System (ICSS).

Industry is welcome to join the forum and raise awareness of the technical solutions available to the many challenges across the region.

Key topics discussed at CABSEC & SAMSEC 2020 include:

  • Combating transnational organised criminal networks
  • Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief cooperation and communication
  • Ensuring the security of the maritime domain and blue economy
  • Facilitating regional and hemispheric security cooperation
  • Sharing lessons relating to the interdiction of illicit through the region
  • National and collective approaches to security challenges
  • Enhancing regional training, capacity building and security cooperation
  • Sharing lessons in procurement and modernization

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2020 Speaker panellists

  • Admiral Evelio Enrique de Jesus Ramirez Gafaro, Commander, Colombian Navy
  • Lieutenant General Rocky Meade, Chief of Defence Staff, Jamaican Defence Force
  • Lieutenant General Dagoberto Espinosa Rodriguez, Sub secretary of Defence, Federal Government of Mexico
  • Lieutenant General Luciano Josi Penna, Chairman of the Council of Delegates, Inter-American Defence Board
  • Major General Bill Seymour, Deputy Commander, Canadian Joint Operations Command
  • Rear Admiral Jose Elizondo, Head of Naval Prefecture, Uruguay Navy
  • Commodore Rhett Hatcher, Military Head International Security Directorate, Security Policy and Operations, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Air Commodore Darryl Daniel, Chief of Defence Staff, Trinidad and Tobago Defence Forces
  • Brigadier General Timo Hernandez Duarte, Commander, Guatemalan Air Force
  • Rear Admiral Eric Jones, Commander, Seventh Coast Guard District, US Coast Guard
  • Brigadier General Steven Ortega, Commander, Belize Defence Force
  • Captain (N) Juan Carlos Jimenez, Director Against Armed Drug Trafficking, Colombian Navy, CABSEC & SAMSEC 2020 Chairman
  • Colonel Martin Arias Araya, Commander, Costa Rica Coast Guard
  • Colonel Jerry Slijngard, Director, Suriname Coast Guard
  • Colonel John Dee Suggs Jr, Commandant, Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation
  • Acting Commodore Raymond King, Deputy Commander, Royal Bahamas Defence Force
  • Robert Scotland, Commander, Cayman Islands Coast Guard
  • Findley Leonce, Commander, Marine Police, St Lucia Police Force
  • Major Michael Jones, Executive Director (Ag), CARICOM IMPACS
  • Major George Benson, Director Principal, Caribbean Regional Drug Law Enforcement Training Centre (REDTRAC)
  • Confirmed representative, -, Antigua and Barbuda Defence Force
  • Confirmed representative, -, Barbados Defence Force
  • Confirmed representative, -, Guatemalan Ministry of Defence
  • David Datzreiter, Sales Manager, Special Mission Aircraft Division, Diamond Aircraft

View 2020 Conference Agenda

Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 26, 2020