Intevac Receives $3.0 M LIVAR Contract Award

Intevac, Inc. (Nasdaq: IVAC) announced today it has received a $3.0 million contract award from Northrop Grumman Corporation for follow-on production deliveries of Intevac’s M506 LIVAR camera. Shipments from this award will begin in the first half of 2020.

“This continues our multi-year product deliveries of LIVAR cameras incorporating Intevac’s ISIE6 EBAPS® SWIR sensor,” commented Timothy Justyn, executive vice president and general manager of Intevac Photonics. “This award continues to demonstrate Intevac’s commitment to delivering enabling digital night vision technology to our Warfighters.”

“We appreciate and value our long term partnership with Northrop Grumman, and are very pleased to have received this follow-on production order for our LIVAR technology,” added Wendell Blonigan, president and chief executive officer of Intevac.

About LIVAR M506 Camera
The Intevac Laser Illuminated Viewing and Ranging (“LIVAR”) M506 SWIR camera is designed for use in a wide range of military and security applications including long-range target identification system payloads. The LIVAR M506 camera is a compact camera system that enables system integration with an eye-safe laser illuminator to range and view images of targets up to 20 kilometers away.

Intevac’s LIVAR® technology is analogous to RADAR but with a number of improvements. The system works day or night, regardless of available light. The illuminator is an eye safe laser and the reflected light is displayed as a digital video image. This enables real time, high-resolution imagery for target identification at much longer ranges than was previously possible.

Intevac’s digital night-vision sensors, based on its patented Electron Bombarded Active Pixel Sensor (EBAPS®) technology, provide state-of-the-art capability to the most advanced avionic fighting platforms in the U.S. Department of Defense inventory.

Source: Intevac, Inc.
Date: Jan 14, 2020