Joint Networks Summit

  • Leveraging Joint Networking Capabilities to Ensure Continued Operational Success
  • January 29-30, 2020
  • San Diego, CA, United States

The ability to share information and maintain reliable, secure lines of communication between people, platforms, weapons, and systems is essential to military success. The 4th Annual Joint Networks Summit will convene leaders to discuss the current state of the DoD's communication networks, the challenges facing them, and future requirements as technology continues to advance and the threat landscape evolves.

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The DoD's current communications infrastructure is sprawling, including over 15,000 networks, 17,000 satcom terminals, and 10,000 operational systems. Advancing technology has surpassed the DoD's hardware-based infrastructure and the military's piecemeal efforts to update this infrastructure has led to challenges with interoperability between updated COTS systems and legacy systems. In the current era of Great Power Competition our peer competitors, Russia and China, pose a serious threat: cyber attacks and information warfare have become a constant challenge, and a technology arms race has led to a DoD-wide push for network modernization and continued investment in new technologies, including space-based networks.

Topics to be Covered at the 2020 Summit:

  • Aligning, Integrating, and Advancing the Navy's Information Warfare Capabilities
  • Ensuring Operational C4I Capability for the US Pacific Fleet
  • Providing and Protecting the Coast Guard's Critical Communication Infrastructure
  • Leveraging C4 Capabilities to Achieve Mission Success and Overcome the Tyranny of Distance
  • Leveraging MilSatCom Technologies to Strengthen and Enhance Joint Networking Capabilities
  • The Role of Resilient and Interoperable Network Capabilities in Joint Humanitarian Assistance and Disaster Relief Missions

Why You Should Attend:

In order for the US Military to fight and win in Multi-Domain Operations, there must be a secure and robust communications network. Ensuring reliable and interoperable communications is essential to coordinating a response between the branches of service and their domestic partners and foreign allies. As we enter an era of Great Power Competition, such coordination is critical. Our 4th Annual Joint Networks Summit will focus on these communication capabilities and will examine how tactical data links and IT networks can be strengthened, particularly in the expansive Asia-Pacific arena, where networks are key to overcoming the tyranny of distance.

The 2020 Joint Networks Summit will convene speakers from across the services and Federal Government to discuss the challenges of exchanging information during joint operations in a multi-domain environment. Critical themes, such as the increasing connection between C4I and space capabilities, protecting networks from cyber threats, the role of networks in humanitarian and disaster relief missions, and new interoperability initiatives across the Joint Staff, will be discussed.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Summits' content and focus areas, and we will assemble the most respected minds in identity management as well as key-policy makers across military and civilian offices. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

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2020 Confirmed Speakers:

  • RDML Jeffrey S. Scheidt, Commander, Naval Information Warfighting Development Center
  • CAPT Kerrie Trebbe, Chief of C4IT, USCG Pacific Area
  • CAPT Shaun A. Swartz, Program Manager, MIDS Program Office US Navy, US Navy
  • CAPT Shawn Roberts, Commander, JITC
  • Mat Guerrieri, JTNC Acting Director
  • Lt Col Michael Orenchick, USAF, Deputy Commander, 505th Test and Evaluation Group
  • Stephan Lapic, Chief Scientist, Naval Information Warfare Center Pacific

View 2020 Conference Agenda

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Date: Dec 19, 2019