Operational Medicine Symposium

  • Advancing Battlefield Medical Training and Technologies to Improve Warfighter Survivability
  • January 22-23, 2020
  • San Diego, CA, United States

The 2nd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will focus on DoD initiatives to enhance military medicine techniques and improve the quality of care of our nation's warfighters. This symposium will bring together highly regarded medical professions from all services to discuss the practice of medicine in expeditionary environments from battlefield to installation.

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Topics to be Covered at the Symposium:

  • Examining How the Changing Operating Environment Will Impact Operational Medicine
  • Update on the Realignment of the Military Health System and the Transition of DHA's New Responsibilities
  • Ensuring Military Medical Forces are Ready and Equipped to Care for the Warfighter in Expeditionary Environments
  • Highlighting Current Innovative Initiatives Aimed at Improving Medic Readiness and Capability
  • Leveraging Medical R&D Advancements to Ensure the Survivability of the Joint Force
  • Human Performance and Its Role in Improving Operational Medicine and Health Care
  • Collaborating Between the Services, Industry Solution Providers and Academics to Deliver Quality Medical Care in the Maritime Operational Environment
  • Preparing to Administer Prolonged Field Care in Contested Environments

Why You Should Attend This Symposium

Our 2nd Annual Operational Medicine Symposium will bring together senior medical officials, clinicians, government leaders, academia, and solution providers to discuss the policies, strategies, and medical advancements required to improve combat medicine and increase warfighter survivability across a full spectrum of operations.

Due to the significant advances in operational medicine and preventative equipment, our Nation's Warfighters have had the highest survival rate in modern history. However, due to the changing operational environment, the DoD must now prepare for conflict against near peer adversaries. In response, the military has made significant investments into medical technology and training to ensure medical personnel are ready and able to treat wounded warfighters in expeditionary settings.

This educational symposium will examine how medical officials actively engage with commercial partners to deliver the most up to date and technologically advanced techniques and equipment to ensure our Warfighters receive the best care possible. Speakers from across the services and Military Health System (MHS) will share perspectives into their critical medical capability and training resource needs as well as their insights into the ways in which emerging technologies and human performance are being leveraged to enhance and support warfighters on the battlefield. Discussions will also center on the changing responsibilities within MHS and the transition of responsibilities from the services to the Defense Health Agency will affect operational medicine and acquisition processes.

Our team specializes in the extensive research and development of our Symposiums' content and focus areas. We seek to bring together the respected leaders from US military commands, leading research centers, government agencies, and industry technology providers. Our non-partisan approach allows us to reach across all services and organizations to bring together a truly holistic group of decision makers and solution providers.

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January 2020 Scheduled Speakers:

  • Maj Gen John DeGoes, USAF, Commander, 59th Medical Wing
  • BG Michael Talley, USA, Commanding General, U.S. Army Medical Research and Development Command
  • RDML Timothy Weber, USN, Commander, Navy Medicine West
  • J.M. Harmon III, SES, Deputy to the Commanding General, US Army Medical Center of Excellence
  • Dr. Rajesh Naik, SES, Chief Scientist, 711th Human Performance Wing
  • COL Jeremy Pamplin, MD, USA, Director, TATRC, US Army Medical Research & Material Command

View 2020 Conference Agenda

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