Anti Submarine Warfare Conference

  • June 24-26, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

Future ASW: Defining & Designing A Full-Spectrum Approach

As non-NATO submarine forces grow in scale and sophistication, its imperative that the Alliance's members and partners come together to agree on the doctrine, training and capability that will support a next-generation approach to undersea warfare.

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Our inaugural ASW Forum will bring together operational and capability experts across air, surface and sub-surface to agree on a full-spectrum and multi-domain approach to future ASW. The conference will, in the presence of industry, provide a unique opportunity to understand what next generation platforms should look like, and to overcome limitations to systems and technology integration, force development and training.

As part of a focused session, it will also explore the application of autonomy in the undersea domain, with a view to identifying opportunities and challenges for leveraging it as a core component of the ASW mission set.

Attend Anti Submarine Warfare for Your Opportunity to:

  • Re-capitalising ASW concepts and doctrine to enable high-tempo operations against high-calibre adversarial submarines
  • Delivering a truly joint ASW capability that maximises integration across systems, platforms and domains
  • Generating a next-generation ASW force that leverages synthetic training to support readiness for future undersea warfare
  • Attaining full operating capability for advanced airborne platforms, as they integrate as a core component of the ASW force structure
  • Delivering effect in acoustically challenging environments by leveraging innovations in sonar, undersea communications and autonomy

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Conference Chair

  • Rear Admiral (Retd.) Robert Tarrant, Former Commander Operations, Royal Navy

2019 Speakers

  • Rear Admiral Timothy Hodgson, Director Submarine Capability, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Rear Admiral Andrew C. Lennon, Commander, Submarines NATO
  • Rear Admiral John Weale, ACNS Submarines & Rear Admiral Submarines, Royal Navy
  • Rear Admiral William J Warrender, Flag Officer Sea Training, Royal Navy
  • Captain Shawn Malone, Chief of Staff, Undersea Warfighting Development Center, US Navy
  • Captain Timo Cordes, Submarine Force Commander, German Navy
  • Group Captain Robert O'Dell, Future Plans, ISTAR Force, Royal Air Force
  • Captain Erik Estenson, Multi-Mission Branch Head, P-8A Requirements Officer, US Navy
  • Colonel Maurizio Maggio, ASW Lead, Aviation Branch, Italian Navy
  • Commander Matthew Humphrey, Assistant Department Head, Rotary Wing Weapons School, Naval Aviation Warfighting Development Center, US Navy
  • Commander Peter Kuster, Staff Officer Submarine Operations, NATO COE for Operations in Confined and Shallow Waters
  • Lieutenant Commander M.J. (Martin) Streefland, Head of Knowledge Centre NH-90 NFH, 7 Squadron, Dutch Defence Helicopter Command
  • Wing Commander Dion Peat, Air Transition Team, Royal New Zealand Air Force
  • Dr. Ivor Nissen, Scientist for Underwater Information Management, Bundeswehr Technical Centre for Ships and Naval Weapons, Naval Technology and Research (WTD-71)
  • Henrik Bliddal, Director, Science and Technology Committee, NATO Parliamentary Assembly

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 14, 2019