Countering Drones Conference

  • July 9-11, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

Detect, Identify and Neutralise: Defending businesses, the economy and the public against disruption by drones

The drone incident at Gatwick Airport has brought the threat of malicious drone use into the mainstream, and the serious economic and personal impact that this has had on businesses and private individuals cannot continue to be ignored.

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For the past three years our Countering Drones conference has been platforming this issue and inviting key stakeholders to join the discussion about making improvements to the regulatory environment, and examining the kinetic solutions that can support real action taking place to defeat these devices.

Following the incident at Gatwick, we now expect investment and real commitment to tackle the issues, in order to assure businesses and the public of an effective response to future incidents.

This conference is designed to support government and civilian users moving closer towards the integration of the technology that is designed to detect, identify and neutralise malicious drone activity and to overcome the regulatory hurdles that urgently require the deepest consideration.

In preceding years, solution developers from industry, start ups and technology groups have joined with Airports, civil aviation authorities, facility and security managers from prisons and sporting organisations to discuss the 'What if?' scenario. Now that the 'big one' has occurred, we encourage you to join us to share your expertise and experiences with this growing community in July.

Who Should Attend Countering Drones

  • Airports, Sea PortsS, Borders and Railways
  • Civil Aviation Authorities and Air Traffic Managements
  • Counter-Terror Agencies, Law Enforcement and Emergency Services
  • GOvernment Buildings, Military Bases and Sensitive Installations
  • Major Broadcasters, Film and Television Studios
  • National Space Agencies and Major Industrial Complexes
  • Critical Infrastructure Including Nuclear Power Stations, Grids and Utilities
  • Public Buildingd, Embassies and Consulates
  • International Organisations Including the UN, NATO and WTO
  • Sporting Arenas and Major Venues Event Venue

Join the Countering Drones Conference to:

  • Explore holographic radar solution to assist you in the detection and identification of malicious drones
  • Make an informed assessment of different types of counter-drone technologies and identify which system is best for your unique circumstances
  • Influence future policy by contributing to high-level discussions with policymakers, insurers and legal practitioners
  • Ensure that your organisation is aware of current developments in national security strategy, regulations and aviation legislation by hearing from senior policymakers from the UK, Europe and US
  • Discover how enhancing trial procedure can help you identify the right product for your facility

Who Should Attend?

Security and safety professionals from:
  • Airports, sea ports, borders and railways
  • National space agencies and major industrial complexes
  • Civil aviation authorities and air traffic management
  • Critical infrastructure including nuclear power stations, grids and utilities
  • Counter-terror agencies, law enforcement and emergency services
  • Public buildings, embassies and consulates
  • Prisons
  • International organisations including the UN, NATO and WTO
  • Government buildings, military bases and sensitive installations
  • Sporting arenas and major event venues
  • Major broadcasters, film and television studios
  • Facilities with high public traffic
Solution and service providers offering:
  • Drone detection, classification and tracking systems
  • Drone neutralisation capabilities
  • Integrated counter drone solutions
  • Advisory, risk management and insurance firms
"Most focused and successful event I have found"
Program Manager, Robin Radar Systems

"Very good to get the wider perspectives on a complex topic"
Technology Manager, Thales UK

"Very thought-provoking and interesting"
Detective Sgt, Cheshire Police

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Chairman & Moderator

  • Mr Tony Reeves, Director, Level 7 Expertise
  • Yousuf Malik, Principal Consultant, Defence IQ

Workshop Leaders

  • Professor David Dunn, Department of Political Science and International Studies, University of Birmingham
  • Dr Christopher Wyatt, School of Government and Society, University of Birmingham

Meet Our Speakers

  • Brian Harrell, Assistant Director for Infrastructure Security, U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, Department of Homeland Security
  • Peter Clarke, Director, Counter UAS, UK MoD
  • Colonel Jean-Francois Morel, Counter UAV Lead, Gendarmerie Nationale
  • Chief Officer Peter De Scheemaeker, Head, Special Tactics Unit, EUROPOL
  • Helmut Spahn, Director Security, Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA)
  • Cyril De Greve, Managing Director, European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA)
  • Neil Sharman, Security Manager, The Football Association (FA)
  • Dr Hussain Alhallaf, Security Director, Riyadh Airports
  • Kristof Lamont, Air Traffic Management / Cyber Security Senior Expert, EUROCONTROL
  • Nicolas Marcou, Director, Drone Programmes, Directorate of Civil Aviation Security
  • Ghislain Sauve, Director General, Technical Services and Facilities, Correctional Service of Canada
  • Daniel Abreu, Deputy Director, Soft Targets and Crowded Places Task Force, Department of Homeland Security
  • Manfred Mohr, Assistant Director SESAR, IATA
  • Cyril De Greve, Managing Director, European Stadium and Safety Management Association (ESSMA)
  • Captain Tim Pottage, Chairman, RPAS Working Group, British Airline Pilots' Association (BALPA)
  • Christopher Mason, Manager, Policy and Technical, European Regions Airline Association
  • Damon Knight, Head of Air Traffic Services, London Southend Airport
  • Czeslaw Romek, Security and Safety Expert, Polish Air Navigation Services Agency (PANSA)
  • Anthony Leather, Director, Westlands Advisory
  • Mark Espenant, R&D Project Manager, Centre for Security Science, Government of Canada
  • Matthias Diem, Head of Strategy and Business Development, Rheinmetall Air Defence
  • Dominic Walker, CEO, Aveillant

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 9, 2019