Close Air Support Conference

  • June 5-6, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

Our 5th annual Close Air Support conference will convene in London on 5th - 6th June.

"When you are in a firefight, the first thing infantry wants to do it get on that radio to adjust fire for mortars and locate targets with close air support with planes or helicopters. You want fires." - US Army Chief of Staff Gen. Mark Milley.

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Platforms such as the US A-10, the RAF's Tornado and other platforms synonymous with close air support are now reaching the end of their highly successful lifespans. Next generation fighters such as the F-35 are expected to pick up the mantle. Due to the advancements in fighter technologies and developments in cockpit situational awareness, it is crucial that the CAS community meets to discuss and deliberate the future for CAS and DACAS. Increased agility, interoperability, and combat effectiveness are also being advanced at an exponential rate. A shift toward fully digitalised joint fires, with a greater ability to delivery swift and accurate firepower, now sets the standard for CAS in modern warfare.

The Close Air Support conference is designed to bring together military officials, international agencies and industry leading experts to discuss the vital importance of CAS capabilities and allied interoperability. Now in its third successful year, the Close Air Support conference continues to provide an excellent platform for the advancement of CAS ventures, both in the air and on land, continually striving to bridge the gap. Further, attendees will benefit from hearing leading industry experts as they showcase the latest technological developments in the CAS domain. Advancements that aim to enhance combat effectiveness whilst increasing connectivity.

Benefits of Attending

  • Gain updates on strategic partners' respective CAS programmes and the work of leading industry OEMs
  • Deliberate key requirements for targeting, processing, and delivery of close air support
  • Network with and build co-operation between strategic partners, and educate industry on the unique needs of the operator and end user

Who should attend


  • Combat air
  • Joint fires and targeting
  • Joint air land organisations
  • Targeting and ISR
  • Joint forward air control
  • Joint terminal attack control
  • Joint forward air component commander

Industry/Developers of Next Generation:

  • Close air support platforms
  • Avionics and sensors
  • Smart and guided munitions
  • Air and ground based targeting
  • Command and control
  • Mobile deployable communications

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Conference Chairman:

  • Air Commodore (Ret'd) Paddy Teakle, Former Deputy Commander NATO AEW&C Force Command

NATO Expert Speakers Will Include:

  • Major General David P San Clemente, Senior Air National Guard Advisor to the Commander, United States Air Force Special Operations Command, US Air Force
  • Wing Commander Jason Wells, SO1 Equipment Capability, JALO,UK MoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Vivien Beral, Commandant du Centre de Formation a l'Appui Aerien, French-German Air to Ground Operations School, French Air Force
  • Lieutenant Colonel Nick Sargent, Division Chief, US Army Multi-domain Targeting Center, US Army
  • Major John Hough John "Semi" Hough, B-1 Close Air Support Subject Matter Expert, 337 Test and Evaluation Squadron,US Air Force
  • Major Nick Sparks, Commander, 255 TACP Battery, Royal Artillery, British Army
  • Major Sebastian Richstein, Commandant, French-German Air to Ground Operations School, German Air Force
  • Captain Oscar Delgado, 348th Ground Liaison Detachment, US Army
  • Europe Chief Master Sergeant Matthew Nugent, 1C4 Career Field Manager Tactical Air Control Party (TACP), US Air Force
  • Ssgt Danny Burt, JTAC I/E Qualifi ed Weapons Instructor Typhoon, Typhoon Force STANEVAL, RAF
  • Colonel (ret'd) George Riebling, Deputy General Manager, NATO Airborne Early Warning and Control Programme Management Agency (NAPMA), NATO
  • Wing Commander (ret'd) Ryan Mannering, Chief Pilot,Voodoo Air Mr Andy Fawkes, Consultant, Thinke Company Ltd

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 7, 2019