Military Virtual Training & Simulation Summit

  • May 22-23, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

The 2019 Military Virtual Training & Simulation Summit will provide a forum for members of the DoD, Private Industry, Academia and other relevant stakeholders to discuss the current and future direction and utilization of virtual training & simulation technologies throughout the Military Services. The Summit will focus on the efforts to leverage M&S technologies across the Military in order to increase warfighter readiness and help train for future multi-domain operations.

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Topics to be Covered at the 2019 Summit:

  • Delivering Leap Ahead Technology Simulation Capabilities
  • Leveraging M&S and LVC Solutions for Increased Soldier, Unit, and Force Readiness
  • Developing Live, Virtual, Constructive and Gaming Replications to Support the Operational Environment
  • Employing Simulation to Deliver Realistic Near-Peer OPFOR
  • Increasing Solider Lethality through use of Modeling and Simulation
  • Integrating M&S Solutions to Reduce Overhead Cost of Traditional Training Methods
  • Utilizing Modeling and Simulation to Close Lethality and Readiness Gaps
  • Leveraging Innovative M&S Technologies to Supplement Military Medical Training

Why You Should Attend this Summit

This educational Summit will bring together senior DoD officials, military leaders, academia, and solution providers to explore emerging concepts and capabilities in Virtual Training and Simulation technologies. These new systems will help improve warfighter readiness and prepare them to fight on any terrain and in any environment. No longer will the DoD have to spend millions of dollars to ship men and equipment across the country when training can be complete at home station. With these new abilities, former Secretary of Defense James Mattis' goal of the warfighter facing 25 simulated battles before they every face the real thing can become a reality.

Our 2019 Military VT&S Summit will emphasize the use of VT&S to improve warfighter readiness while also increasing safety and reducing cost. The global shift back to a Great Power Competition world along with the threat from non-state actors requires that America's warfighters be trained and prepared for a wide variety of operational environments. In order to accomplish this task, the military is shifting towards virtual systems that can simulate everything from the villages of Afghanistan to the dense urban cities of China. The development of virtual training systems will allow America's Warfighters to be prepared and ready for any battle needed to defend America and America's assets.

This Summit will feature senior level discussions that emphasize the critical need for the rapid acquisition and development of VT&S capabilities across all services. This program will allow for open and honest dialogue to solve the nation's most difficult technical and strategic challengee.

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2019 Early Confirmed Speakers:

  • COL Joseph Nolan, USA, Deputy Director, US Army Modeling and Simulation Office
  • Col Gerard Ryan, USAF, Chief,Operational Training Infrastructure Division, Directorate of Training and Readiness, Headquarters U.S. Air Force
  • Col Russell Driggers, USAF, Commander, 80th Flying Training Wing
  • CAPT Frank Castellano, USN, Commanding Officer, Center for Surface Combat Systems
  • LTC Dylan Morelle, USA, Director, Synthetic Training Environment Training Innovation Facility
  • COL (Dr.) Jerome Buller, USA, Commander, U.S. Army Institute of Surgical Research
  • Dennis Reed, M&S Deputy, Department of Navy

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Apr 15, 2019