Deployed Medical & Healthcare Delivery Conference

  • April 10-12, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

Medical Support to the Future Battlefield - From Doctrine to Delivery

Organised with the support of Defence Medical Services, UK MoD, Deployed Medical and Healthcare Delivery is the flagship opportunity for clinicians, organisational thinkers and capability planners to drive clinical delivery for the battlefield of the future.

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As doctrine adapts to meet the peer threat, the military medical community must improve capability across the Operational Patient Care Pathway - from point of injury through to definitive care. DMHD will be the only conference to look across that pathway, with a three day programme that ask how clinical care can be delivered in accordance with accepted clinical timelines, on a less dense battlefield and with insecure lines of communication.

Advancing pre-evacuation diagnosis and treatment, whilst critical, is not the only challenge. Aeromedical evacuation, integrated in the programme for the first time in 2019, is itself no longer viewed as an interlude between clinical care nodes, and represents a critical opportunity to apply innovation and drive up the standard of care. Our conference provides a rare opportunity for solution providers to hear from the decision makers and clinicians charged with caring for the future combat soldier, and for the military to ensure that their capability is integrated on the ground and in the air.

Why attend Deployed Medical & Healthcare Delivery?

  • Adopt an integrated approach to the Operational Patient Care Pathway to advance clinical delivery from point of injury through evacuation and on to definitive care
  • Access more skill, sooner by extending the role of the next generation combat medic, nurse and doctor, and assess the limits of using less highly-trained personnel to administer care in the deployed environment
  • Hold combat casualties further forward, for longer, by accessing critical resources at point of need and improving the accuracy of pre-hospital assessment and diagnosis
  • Join over 100 military and civilian medics at a conference, including clinicians responsible for testing medical innovation on the frontline. Enhance medical support to the future battlefield - from doctrine to delivery.

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Conference Chair

  • Colonel Jeremy Tuck, Former Medical Director, NATO ARRC

2019 Speakers

  • Air Vice-Marshal Alastair Reid, Defence Medical Director, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Major General Mitch Mitchell, Director, Development, Concepts and Doctrine Centre, UK Ministry of Defence
  • Rear Admiral Colin G. Chinn (Tentative), Joint Staff Surgeon, Joint Staff, US Department of Defense
  • Brigadier General Paul Friedrichs, Command Surgeon, HQ Air Combat Command
  • Brigadier General (s) Kathleen M. Flarity, Mobilisation Assistant to the Command Surgeon, HQ Air Mobility Command
  • Brigadier General Andrea Leitgeb, Director of Evaluation, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Major General (Retd.) Roger Van Hoof, Secretary General, International Committee of Military Medicine
  • Lieutenant General Martin Bricknell, Professor of Conflict, Health and Military Medicine, Kings College London
  • Captain Alison Hofman, Head of the Nursing Service, Royal Navy
  • Colonel Nigel Tai, Assistant Head (Implementation), Research and Clinical Innovation/Consultant Vascular & Trauma Surgeon, HQ Royal Centre for Defence Medicine, Joint Medical Group/The Royal London Hospital, Barts Health NHS Trust
  • Colonel Phil Carter, Combat Medical Technician Cadre Chief, British Army
  • Colonel Craig Hodgson, Incoming Medical Director, NATO ARRC
  • Colonel Gerry Kerr, Medical Director, Irish Defence Forces
  • Captain Andrea Tamburelli Lanzara, Medical Advisor & Fleet Surgeon, Italian Fleet Command (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Colonel Milos Bohonek, MD, Ph.D, Senior Consultant for Haematology and Blood Transfusion, Military Medical Service, Army of the Czech Republic
  • Dr Rene Bleeg, Head Consultant, Aeromedical Evacuation SQN 690, Royal Danish Air Force
  • Mr Robert Balazs, Technical Officer (Medical), Operational Logistics Planning and Support Programme Office, NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • Lisa Reilly, Executive Director, European Interagency Security Forum
  • Confirmed Representative, Operational Medical Branch, French Armed Forces

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 11, 2019