Counter UAS 2019 Conference

  • March 12-14, 2019
  • Washington, DC, United States

Combating Emerging Drone Threats

UAS production and use has grown exponentially in the last few years, and with that so has the threat of rogue drones being used for illegal, dangerous or even deadly purposes. The drones of today are harder to track, categorize, intercept and disable and with that the potential threat(s) of UAS' being used in an attack are becoming more common and more of a global concern.

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In light of these increasing threats, we are bringing back our Counter UAS series to discuss the passing of the Preventing Emerging Threats Act of 2018, which gives government agencies new authority to counter airborne drone threats, as well as the latest in C-UAS innovations and technologies.

We have been busy developing an agenda that will give you powerful examples of how this new legislation will give the DoJ and DHS unprecedented ability to "mitigate" a credible drone threat, by physically disabling the drone, taking it over, intercepting its communications, or seizing the drone itself, all without a warrant or judicial review/oversight.

Our Counter-UAS Summit will provide a forum for military leaders, program executive officers, industry executives, academics and researchers to focus on emerging and current innovative C-UAS technologies to detect, identify & neutralize drones to prevent attacks on critical infrastructures, citizens and soldiers.

This year's summit will cover topics including:

  • Military's Counter-UAS acquisition goals
  • Countering drone swarms
  • Defending against autonomous UAS
  • DOJ and DHS CUAS strategies and policies
  • Protecting critical infrastructure from UAS
  • DOJ and DHS CUAS acquisition priorities
  • Countering UAS attacks by terrorists
  • Military's Counter-UAS requirements
  • Mounted C-UAS weapon systems
  • Directed energy weapons

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Meet the Counter UAS Expert Speakers

  • Linda Solheim, Director, Soft Targets and Crowded Places Task Force, Department of Homeland Security
  • Cathy Lanier, Senior Vice President, Chief Security Officer, National Football League
  • Scott Brunner, Deputy Assistant Director Critical Incident Response Group, FBI
  • James Truhett, Branch Head, Nuclear Weapons Safety, Security, Compliance, and Incident Response, US NAVY
  • Tim Bennett, PM Air Domain Awareness, S&T Directorate, Department of Homeland Security
  • LTC Demetrios Ghikas, Division Chief, Counter-Unmanned Aircraft Systems (C-UAS), HQDA, G-3/5/7, DAMO-ZCF (Fires)
  • Scott Mathews, Senior Advisor, Intelligence, Department of Homeland Security
  • Gregory Olmstead, Senior Advisor, Department of Homeland Security
  • Mr MG (R) Marke Gibson, President & CEO, NUAIR
  • Tim Andreadis, Head, High Power Microwave Section, Tactical Electronic Warfare Division, Naval Research Laboratory
  • Captain Michael O'Friel, Liason to UXOCE, U.S. Marine Corps
  • William Windsor, Director, Unexploded Ordnance Center of Excellence, DoD
  • Major Mikita Brown, Branch Chief for Technical Support & Senior Air Battle Manager, Joint Deployable Analysis Team, The Joint Staff
  • Samuel Bendett, Research Analyst, Russia Studies Program, CNA
  • Gerry Tighe, Oversight Executive for Maritime Systems Programs, Emerging Capabilities & Prototypes, OSD R&E
  • Fritz Schulz, Oversight Executive for Battle Space Awareness Programs, OSD Research & Engineering
  • LTC (R) Albert Sciaretta, Chair, Committee on CUAS Capability for Battalion-and-Below Operations, National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
  • Anna Williams, Pd.D., Research Scientist, Center for Naval Analyses
  • Bill Haraka, Business Development Manager, Robin Radar Systems
  • Leonard Ligon, Director, UAS Traffic Management, WhiteFox Defense Technologies, Inc.
  • Mike Stokes, President, Observation Without Limits, LLC
  • Kyle Turner, Director of Operations and Policy, SkySafe Inc.
  • Timothy Bean, CEO, Fortem Technologies

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Feb 4, 2019