Support Ships Conference

  • Enabling the Surface Fleet, Supplying the Joint Force
  • February 19-21, 2019
  • London, United Kingdom

The Only Dedicated Forum for the Naval Support and Logistics Community

2019 will be an exciting year for the global support fleet. As the Royal Fleet Auxiliary integrates the tide-class tankers and the UK advances the Fleet Solid Support Ship (FSS) acquisition, programmes are accelerating in Norway, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands - to name a few. With so much investment at stake, there has seldom been a more important moment to understand the requirement for operational support at sea, nor to ensure that the support ship is equipped to meet that requirement.

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Keynoted by Commodore RFA, the Royal Navy's Director of Naval Support and the Commander of US Military Sealift Command, Support Ships will provide a unique opportunity to examine the generation, deployment and sustainment of new platforms. As the maritime threat environment dictates a move away from routine constabulary operations and towards peer-threat readiness, it will also ask how in-service support and logistics must evolve to enable blue-water operations for the future surface fleet. All that alongside the challenge of meeting a growing joint force requirement for strategic sealift.

With so much to discuss, can you afford to miss this unique opportunity to define the support model that will enable tomorrow's global naval operations?

Why Attend?

  • Introduce or retain a replenishment at sea capability for the surface fleet by defining a blueprint for the multi-role support ship
  • Meet a growing requirement for strategic sealift by integrating commercial sea freight within the naval logistics chain
  • Attain maximum availability for the support ship by enhancing the in-service support model
  • Eliminate supply chain failure for the final mile by increasing the accuracy of demand forecasting
  • Equip the support fleet to enable blue-water naval operations by identifying long-range solutions for power and propulsion

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Meet the Speakers

Main Conference Chairman

  • Commodore Adrian Aplin MBE FCILT FIoD CDir Royal Navy (Rtd), Former Head of Logistics Strategy, UK Ministry of Defence

Workshop Leader

  • James Fanshawe, Chair, UK Maritime Autonomous Systems Regulatory Working Group


  • Commodore Duncan Lamb, ACOS Afloat Support & Commodore, Royal Fleet Auxiliary
  • Rear Admiral Robert Clark, Deputy Commander, Military Sealift Command
  • Matt Harrison OBE, Director Naval Support, Royal Navy
  • Rear Admiral Kevin M Jones, Commanding Officer, Defense Logistics Agency Distribution
  • Tim Roberts, Deputy Program Manager for PMS 325, PEO Ships
  • Rear Admiral Antonio J. Gonzalez, Head of Logistical Support, Spanish Navy
  • Captain Andreas Czerwinski, Head of Directorate Sea, BAAINBw
  • Commodore Peter Knipping, Director Materiel Sustainment, Royal Netherlands Navy
  • Captain Jean-Mathieu Rey, Deputy Director, Fleet Support Service, French Navy
  • Captain Gabriele Catapano, Head of Surface Ships Design Office, Naval Systems Department, Italian Navy General Staff
  • Captain Alec Parry, DACOS Logistics Strategy and Capability, Royal Navy
  • Captain Kris Nicholson, DSCOM Assistant Head of Plans, DE&S, UK MoD
  • Captain David Smith, Incoming Operational Support Manager, Commercially Supported Shipping, Former Chief Staff Officer (Engineering) RFA, Navy Command HQ
  • Commander Matthieu Teisseire, Head of Fleet Support, Capabilities Development Office, French Navy
  • Commander S/G Christian Oseberg, Deputy Chief of Staff Support, Norwegian Fleet Staff
  • Mr Paul Hammond, Chief of Staff, NATO Support and Procurement Agency
  • Senior Representative, Operation Sophia, EUNAVFOR MED

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jan 23, 2019