Automated ISR and Battle Management Symposium

  • February 12-13, 2019
  • Alexandria, VA, United States

The 7th Annual Automated ISR and Battle Management Symposium encourages members of the DoD, Intelligence Community, military services, and critical organizations to come together to discuss solutions and techniques to exploit ISR data in support of the warfighter. Due to the high volume of data being generated, operators have turned their focus towards increased ISR capabilities and expedited efficiency in PED to ensure timely and accurate intelligence. This program will facilitate discussions aimed at enhancing ISR capabilities and emphasizing the significance of battle management systems to fight and win in a multi-domain environment.

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Topics to be Covered at the 2019 Symposium:

  • Creating ISR systems capable of enhancing C2 and battle management in a peer-to-peer fight
  • Reducing the workload of intelligence analysts through the use of emerging technologies
  • Exploiting machine learning to aid data analysis
  • Increasing the modern warfighter's access to actionable intelligence
  • Challenges faced, and growth of ISR in a Multi-Intelligence, Multi-Domain battlefield
  • Utilizing advances in ISR to ensure all sectors of a battlefield are collected on

Why you should attend this year's Symposium:

This educational symposium will bring together senior Intelligence officials, military leaders, academia, and solution providers to ensure ISR resources are being utilized as effectively and efficiently as possible in support of mission success.

The objective of this year's symposium is to emphasize the increased need to modernize and develop the next generation of ISR platforms in order to ensure dominance in a peer-to-peer environment. These platforms will need to function across multiple-domains at the speed of modern technology and in wide variety of environments. The battlefield of the future will be fought in both the real and cyber world simultaneously and the US military will need systems able to collect in both of them instantaneously.

This symposium will feature senior level discussions that emphasize utilizing machine learning and other advances in modern technology to reduce the workload on the analyst and better support the warfighter. Also discussed will be DoD efforts to leverage developments in ISR to improve Multi-Domain Command and Control in order to maintain dominance in a peer to peer world. This symposium will allow for open and honest dialogue to solve the nation's most difficult challenges surrounding the efficiency of ISR capabilities.

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2019 Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Maj Gen Peter Lambert, USAF, Deputy Director for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Operations, Joint Staff J32 (Tentative)
  • Kenneth Bray, SES, Acting Associate Deputy Chief of Staff for ISR, HQAF
  • Steven Wert, SES, PEO Digital, Air Force Life Cycle Management Center
  • Brigadier Phil Clark, British Army, Deputy Director of Intelligence, CENTCOM
  • Dr. Robert E. Davis, SES, Senior Scientific Technical Manager and Chief Scientist, Geospatial Research and Engineering, US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory
  • LTG Jeff Kimmons, USA (ret.), Senior Vice President, Booz Allen Hamilton

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Jan 21, 2019