Indra Signs a Contract to Provide the German Navy's New K130 Corvettes With its Rigel Electronic Defense Systems

  • It is a state-of-the-art solution that incorporates the most advanced digital reception technology to guarantee maximum detection range and sensitivity and to counteract any radar signal
  • It provides a remarkable superiority to operate in the most complex environments, making it possible to 'see' the enemy before it detects the presence of the vessel
  • The first series of K130 corvette class ships, currently in service with the German Navy, already operate with this system, which meets NATO requirements
  • Over a hundred navy ships worldwide have been fitted with Indra's electronic defense system. The company has become one of the global leaders in this field

Indra will equip the second series of K130 corvette class ships of the German Navy with its latest generation Rigel electronic defense system, enhancing the capacity of these vessels even in the most complex environments.

The company has signed an important contract with the naval systems company Atlas Elektronik and will deliver five Rigel RESM/RECM systems (Radar Electronic Support Measures/Radar Electronic Countermeasures).

It is a key technology that allows the ship to track the electromagnetic space and detect active radar emissions in its environment.

It also allows multiple active threats to be countered simultaneously by means of disturbance and deception techniques.

Indra has incorporated broadband digital reception technology into its system to guarantee the maximum sensitivity and detection range possible, which provides a remarkable superiority to the ship.

All these capabilities have been tested with excellent results in the most difficult and complex real electromagnetic scenarios. The system offers optimal response time and precision in this type of environment.

The solution meets the demands of the NATO countries, which require the highest levels of performance.

Experience with the German Navy
Indra has already implemented its RESM/RECM systems in the first series of K130 corvettes that is currently in service with the German Navy.

Therefore, it is a technology that the customer has tested and that responds to the needs of one of the most technologically demanding armies.

Indra works with the world's leading shipyards, including Navantia, the Italian Fincantieri, the German tkMS, the Korean DSME and HHI and the Dutch Damen.

In the field of electronic defense, it maintains a strong global leadership after having developed systems that protect different types of air, naval and land platforms. Over a hundred navy ships and submarines worldwide use Indra’s electronic defense systems.

Source: Indra
Date: Dec 12, 2018