Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe Conference

November 27-29, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

We are incredibly pleased to announce the Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe conference taking place between 27-29 November 2018 in Prague, Czech Republic.

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The rapidly changing operating environment has prompted many militaries to initiate vigorous modernisation programmes and continue investing resources into the training of personnel. The Czech Republic recently launched an ambitious procurement plan which includes digitisation of fires C2, and the acquisition of NATO standardised 155mm howitzers and 120mm mortar systems. Other European nations have also announced tenders to modernise existing assets, procure NATO compliant platforms, and attain interoperability in response to Russian aggression om the Eastern flank.

In light of the NATO Enhanced Forward Presence operation, it is evermore critical to support allied nation's fires initiatives and advance firepower by upgrading precision engagement, target acquisition, and long-range fire support capability. All this in an operating environment that requires careful signature management.

The Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe Conference will provide a comprehensive account of indirect fires modernisation priorities, battlespace integration, mobility and mechanisation, reconnaissance & surveillance, target identification, smart munitions, electronic warfare, and information & cyberspace operations.

Attend Future Indirect Fires to:

  • Learn from multiple Czech Army experts about artillery modernisation programme including the procurement of NATO standard 155mm self-propelled howitzers and 120mm turreted mortar systems
  • Discuss NATO interoperability and learn how allied nations' artillery and fire support can operate together against an enemy in a multinational environment
  • Hear from advanced nations on improving situational awareness and cross-section target identification across the entire battlefield through incorporation of UASs and NATO compliant counter-battery radars
  • Shorten the kill-chain, learn how to enhance fires C2, and increase decision-making speed by integrating networked, software-intensive fire control systems
  • Upgrade precision of fire support and enable operations in GPS-denied environments through the incorporation of smart and precision-guided munitions


"Well run events that bring together subject matter experts from across the world."
Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe 2017 Delegate, US Army

"Distilled group of end-users, decision makers and key industry players focused on this business area."
Future Artillery 2018 Delegate, Scepter

"Excellent venue to establish and maintain relationships with Defense and Industry participants in the fires domain."
Future Artillery 2018 Delegate, Orbital ATK

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Host-Nation Speakers

  • Colonel Milan Kalina, Chief of Artillery, Czech Army
  • Martin Sufajzl, Project Manager, Artillery & Mortars, Armaments & Acquisition Division, Czech Ministry of Defence
  • Lieutenant Colonel Marcel Krenek, Chief of Artillery Department Land Forces HQ, Czech Army
  • Dr. Ing Miroslav Kratky, Department of Air Defence Systems, University of Defence in Brno


International Confirmed Speakers:

  • Major General Andrii Koliennikov, Deputy Director, Central Scientific Research Institute of the Armament and Military Equipment Directorate, Armed Forces of Ukraine
  • Colonel Pavol Barancik, Fire Support Coordinator & Chief Of Artillery, J9, Slovak Armed Forces
  • Colonel William Kirby, Commander, 19th Battlefield Coordination Detachment (BCD), US Army
  • Colonel Igor Cebek, Chief of J5 - Capability Planning, Strategy and Plans, Slovenian Ministry of Defence
  • Colonel Daniel Condruz, Section Head for Fire Support, Romanian Army
  • Colonel John Musgrave, Commandant Royal School of Artillery, British
  • Colonel David Shank, Commander of 10th AAMDC, US Army Europe (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Colonel Will McDonough, Project Manager Combat Ammunition Systems, US Army (Subject to Final Confirmation)
  • Lieutenant Colonel Uwe Kraft, Head of Artillery and Joint Fires Branch, German Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Bertram Hadeyer, Artillery Branch, Austrian Armed Forces
  • Lieutenant Colonel Luis Algara, Chief of Department of Tactics, Techniques and Gunnery - Artillery School, Spanish Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel Drazen Music, Howitzer PzH2000 Battalion Commander, Artillery and Missile Regiment, Croatian Army
  • Major Marijus Jonelis, Commander General Romualdas Giedraitis Artillery Battalion, Lithuanian Land Forces
  • Jurij Jurtela, Senior Military Specialist, Slovenian Ministry of Defence
  • Dwayne Hynes, Policy Analyst and Acquisition-Intelligence Staff Officer, DCS, G-2 (DAMI-FIT), US Army
  • Colonel Marc LaFortune, Commander Combat Support Brigade and Director Artillery, Canadian Army
  • Colonel Olivier Fort, Director of Studies and Prospective Artillery, French Army


Industry Speakers

  • Alex Koers, Cofounder/Director, Microflown AVISAI

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Nov 2, 2018