Warships and OPV Latin America conference

25 June, 2018 - 27 June, 2018, To be confirmed, Brazil

Hosted and officially supported by the Brazilian Navy as they embark on the next phase of expansion with the procurement of the Tamandare class corvettes, the 2018 conference will provide great insight into ongoing fleet renewal. The annual Warships and OPV Latin America conference is a forum for the entire region with an exceptional track-record of attracting the senior leadership of naval and maritime forces from across Latin America.

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In addition to ship design, operational utility, and regional threats - the conference will examine command and control systems and their effectiveness on small operations including search and rescue, oil spill control and coordinating missions with aircraft. Technical development in the electromagnetic spectrum, remote control gunnery, and non-lethal weapons will also be examined.

Benefits of attending:

  • Gain a thorough understanding of modernisation priorities for Latin American navies and adapt your ship designs to meet the requirements of the modern operating environment
  • Network with decision-makers from local government-owned shipyards and naval technology centres in order to influence procurement decisions and secure future business and programme partnerships
  • Enhance your maritime situational awareness and assure maximum fleet readiness, in order to defend territorial waters and the national economic exclusive zone
  • Gain first hand knowledge on upcoming requirements- including the Brazilian corvette and patrol vessel programmes- to inform budgetary decision making and to help develop your own programme preparations
  • Learn about the renewal of legacy naval platforms in Latin America and how your organisation can participate


"OPV Conferences provide a veritable platform and ample opportunity for intellectual exchange and networking by leaders of world navies, maritime operators and other stakeholders with the ultimate objective of developing requisite architecture for enhanced security of the global commons"
Vice Admiral OS Ibrahim, Chief of the Naval Staff, Nigerian Navy

''I look forward to sharing in discussions, and exchanging ideas with the diverse range of navies and coast guards, on their latest OPV developments and performance at the 6th Annual Offshore Patrol Vessels conference.''
Commander Bessa Pacheco, Plans & Policy Division, Portuguese Navy

''The annual Offshore Patrol Vessels Conference has become an important reference world forum concerning the growing use of these naval assets, when senior representatives from different Navies can present and discuss the solutions they have found to reconcile technical issues with operational tasks and budget constraints so as to better accomplish their missions. ...''
Rear Admiral Francisco Deiana, Director of Naval Engineering, Brazilian Navy


2018 Speakers


  • Vice-Admiral (Rtd) Francisco DEIANA, Former Director of Naval Engineering, Brazilian Navy


Host Nation Speakers


  • Rear Admiral Gilberto Santos Kerr, Head of the Organization Section of General Staff, Brazilian Navy
  • Rear Admiral (ret) Hermann Ibere Boehmer, Superintendent of Procurement and Programs Management
  • Confirmed Senior Representative, EMGEPRON


Visiting speaker faculty


  • Vice Admiral Carlos Alfredo Ramos Pérez, Commander of Caribbean Naval Zone, Guatemalan Armed Forces (Pending Ministerial Approval)
  • Vice Admiral Valentim Alberto António, Chief of Navy Staff, Angolan Navy
  • Vice Admiral Gregorio Bueno Murga, Jefe de la División de Planes del Estado Mayor de la Armada, Armada Española
  • Rear Admiral Renán Ruiz Cornejo, Commander of the Navy, Armada del Ecuador
  • Rear Admiral Giancarlo Jesús Polar Figari, Director of Naval Enlistment, Marinha de Guerra del Peru
  • Rear Admiral Herbert José Del Alamo Carrillo, Executive Director, SIMA
  • Rear Admiral Javier Diaz Reina, President, COTECMAR
  • Rear Admiral Ángel Eugenio Fonseca Donaire, Commander of Naval Force, Nicaraguan Armed Forces
  • Commodore Hayden Pritchard, Chief of Defence Staff, Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
  • Captain (SP) Camilo Delgado Montenegro, General Director, ASTINAVE EP
  • Comandant Javier Arturo Cubero Vargas, Official Director of Coast Guard Puerto Mora, Servicio de Guardacostas de la República de Costa Rica
  • Captain Exon Oswaldo Ascencio Albeno, Commander of Fleet, Armed Forces of El Salvador
  • Captain Anselmo Osorio Fraga, Naval Attache, Mexican Navy
  • Captain Harold Kauer Tapia, Administrator of ASMAR Shipyard in Talcahuano
  • Captain Efraín Mann Hernández, General Commander of the Honduran Naval Force, Honduran Navy
  • Guy Thomas, Inventor of Space-Based AIS, C-SIGMA
  • Confirmed Senior Representative, Argentinian Navy
  • Rear Admiral Jorge Wilson Menendez, Incoming Chief of Naval Staff, Uruguayan Navy
  • Confirmed Senior Representative, Royal Canadian Navy

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: May 22, 2018