Meggitt Training Systems Selected as Finalist for US Army Targeting Program

Meggitt Training Systems, the leading provider of integrated live-fire and virtual weapons training products and services for armed forces and law enforcement, has been named one of five companies qualified to fulfill a vital U.S. Army combat skills training program for American and allied warfighters.

The Army Targetry Systems program has a total value of $125 million. Individual contracts will be awarded during the next five years with an estimated completion date of March 15, 2023. The program will be administered by U.S. Army Contracting Command, based in Warren, Michigan.

“Meggitt Training Systems appreciates the opportunity to deliver on the upcoming Army Targetry Systems program,” said Jon Read, Meggitt’s live-fire systems director. “We believe our track record at U.S. Army training ranges at home and abroad makes us the ideal choice for the next generation of live-fire targets.”

With more than 75,000 infantry target systems successfully fielded on 122 military bases around the world, Meggitt Training Systems products are proven to be reliable and flexible to support both skills qualifications events and more complex unit-collective training. The company’s offerings include a variety of multi-function and stationary infantry targets, as well as moving infantry targets, to provide maximum realism during training.

Source: Meggitt Training Systems
Date: Apr 17, 2018