Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe Conference

Optimising Combat Vehicle Deployment and Development to Meet the Requirements of Central and Eastern Europe 21 May, 2018 - 22 May, 2018, Prague, Czech Republic

We are proud to announce that the 4th annual Future Armoured Vehicles Central and Eastern Europe Conference will convene in Prague on 21st and 22nd of May in Prague.

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The conference will see developments and updates to armoured vehicle programmes from around Europe discussed with presentations from leading figures and networking sessions throughout the 2 day event. Key themes and challenges at the core of the European Vehicle Armoured Community will be the basis of discussion and will include the need for resiliency and robustness within land systems, interoperability and flexibility within platforms, as well as the key importance as the Iron Triangle (lethality, survivability, manoeuvrability).


Benefits of Attending

  • Benefit from detailed insight into the Czech Armed Forces' modernization and procurement plans pertaining to its 8x8, main battle tank, and IFV replacement
  • Hear detailed updates from key Central and Eastern European nations on their respective procurement and modernization programmes, including briefings from heads of land, of procurement, and operational command from Poland, the Czech Republic, Croatia, Austria, Slovakia, and many others!
  • Do not miss on the briefings from other leading nations and organisations such as Sweden, the US, Spain and OCCAR!
  • View the latest combat vehicle survivability, C4I, and weapon systems technology in the exhibition area

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  • Brigadier General Dragos Iacob, Commander, 15th Mechanised Brigade, Romanian Army
  • Brigadier General Erich Weissenboeck, Head of Force Development Division, Austrian MoD
  • Brigadier General Ivo Strecha, Deputy Director, Capabilities Development Division, Czech MoD
  • Brigadier General Michael Nilsson, Chief of Defence Logistics, Swedish Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General Morten Eggen, Commander Land Systems Division , Norwegian Defence Logistics Organisation
  • Captain Engineer Mario Lozano Benito, Pizarro Programme Technical Director, Weapons and Material Armament Directorate, Spanish MoD
  • Colonel (ret'd) Tomas Dvoracek, Director, Land Forces Armaments Department, Armaments and Acquisition Division Czech MoD, National Armaments Office
  • Colonel David Gardner, Commander of the 2nd Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, US Army Europe
  • Colonel Dick van Broekhoven, Head of the Material Logistics Branch, Royal Netherlands Army
  • Colonel Hans-Joerg Voll, Branch Chief, Armoured Corps, Army Concepts and Capabilities Centre, German Army
  • Colonel Jiri David, Commander 7th Mechanised Brigade, Czech Armed Forces
  • Colonel Maciej Zajac, Deputy Chief of Land Forces Directorate, Armament Inspectorate , Polish MoD
  • Colonel Slobodan Bandalo, Head of Acquisition and Modernization Department , Croatian MoD
  • Lieutenant Colonel Joseph Rosen, PdM Stryker Future Operations, US Army
  • Lieutenant Colonel (Retd.) Richard Macha, Czech National Armaments Director Representative - Permanent Delegation of the Czech Republic to NATO, NATO HQ
  • Major Dr. Vlastimil Neumann (SFC), University of Defence, Czech Republic , Czech MoD
  • Major General (ret'd) Josef Sedlak, Former Commander Joint Forces, Czech Armed Forces
  • Major General Jaromir Zuna, Director of Support Division , Czech MoD
  • Major Pere Livaic, Senior Advisor, Material Resources Directorate (M3), Armament and Equipment Sector, Croatian MoD
  • Mr. Alex Koers, Managing Director, Microflown AVISA
  • Mr. Geradus Lijten, ILS Section Leader, OCCAR-EA
  • Mr. Ian Harris, Business Development, Lockheed Martin UK
  • Mr. Jozef Valentincic, Senior Uniformed Specialist XIII. Class. Head of Engineering, Slovenian Armed Forces
  • Mr. Marcus Murphy, Principal System Safety Engineer, Burgess Consulting Ltd
  • Mr. Michael Rust, Head of Sales & Marketing, IBD Deisenroth Engineering GmbH
  • Mr. Oliver Mittelsdorf, Senior Vice President Sales Tracked Vehicles and Turrets, Rheinmetall Landsysteme Gmbh
  • Mr. Tomas Eismontas, Vehicle and Trials Officer, OCCAR-EA
  • Mr. Tony White, Chief Technology Officer - Land Systems, Ultra Electronics Precision Control Systems

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Mar 29, 2018