Alion to Support US Chemical, Biological, and Nuclear Defense

The JPEO-CBD Selects Alion as Prime on $8.3B IDIQ Contract Vehicle

The evolving threat of chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and high-yield weapons (CBRNE) is a reality at home and abroad. Countering these threats requires rapid research and solution development to ensure the safety of our war fighters and of American citizens. Alion is pleased to announce that it will assist the Department of Defense (DoD) with research and development against CBRNE weapons as the prime contractor on a potential $8.3 billion IDIQ contract vehicle. This work will be delivered through the Joint Program Executive Office for Chemical and Biological Defense’s (JPEO-CBD) Joint Enterprise Research, Development, Acquisition and Production/Procurement (JE-RDAP) omnibus contract.

“It’s exciting to know that our R&D history and agile engineering expertise can come together through the JE-RDAP contract to put life-saving products into the hands of our warfighters,” said Jeff Murter, Deputy Group Manager for the company’s Rapid Solutions Group. “Our work on wearable sensors, modeling and simulation, miniaturization, and other next-gen solutions is exciting in its own regard, but using it to support this client against CBRNE threats means we are engineering solutions with a real mission and real people in mind.”

This multi-award, 10-year contract allows for task and delivery orders to extend for up to five years after the expiration of the 10-year base ordering period. Work will include providing CBRNE defense systems, capabilities, equipment, supplies and material; radiological/nuclear defense systems; and information systems to the warfighter through November 1, 2027.

Through this IDIQ contract vehicle, Alion will continue contributions to America’s CBRNE defense that began during WWII. As global tensions continue to shift and mount, the company’s ability to quickly assess and deliver new solutions will prove critical to the country’s defense and security.

Source: Alion Science and Technology Corp.
Date: Jan 18, 2018