Countering Drones Middle East Conference

27 February, 2018 - 28 February, 2018, Amman, Jordan

Responding to an evolving and growing security threat across the Middle East

Malicious drone usage is rapidly changing the security environment across the Middle East. Drone attacks in the region have become a daily occurrence, threatening the safety of armed forces personnel and citizens alike. The increasing frequency of these attacks and the technological advancement of the vehicles being used is truly a cause for concern. Whilst developing and implementing counter drone systems is an immediate requirement, it is imperative that strategies are adopted to stem the flow of shop bought and military specification drones to malicious parities.

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The requirement to develop a counter drone strategy in the Middle East is more pressing than anywhere else in the world. Although some, more improvised, solutions are already being employed on the battlefield, there needs to be a movement towards a reliable and economical approach to neutralising this threat. In Yemen, the Saudi led coalition is successfully nullifying shop bought quadcopters and Houthi built Qasef-1 drones through the use of multimillion dollar Patriot missiles. However, this success belies a considerable disparity in the exchange cost, a fact which further reinforces the requirement for a purpose built, cost effective solution.

In the civilian context, the uptake in drone usage by hobbyist, and in some places the continued hostilities of civil war has dramatically changed the security environment for civil aviation, policing and facility protection. Government agencies have plenty of work to do with regulators and industry experts to develop an effective counter drone framework and, as the drone threat continues to evolve and multiply, discussions must continue in an effort to stay ahead of malicious pilots.

It is in this context that we will host its inaugural Countering Drones Middle East conference in February. We look forward to seeing you in Amman for Middle East's only countering drones conference, as we seek to develop complete solutions to this emerging threat.

Join the Countering Drones conference to:

  • Safeguard the public against malicious use of drones by terrorist and rebel groups
  • Close the capability gap to counter the new threat on the battlefield
  • Explore opportunities to procure purpose made counter drone solutions andavoid an expensive reliance on missile defence systems
  • Adopt the detection, electronic and physical countermeasure systems needed to assure critical national infrastructure protection
  • Maximise the effectiveness of your new counter drone systems by participating in operational and training scenarios
  • Protect the perimeter of your stadium or venue against drone incursion and attack
  • Develop practical approaches to preventing drone-incursions at your airport facility


Key questions to be addressed include:

  • How is drone and counter-drone technology developing and how might this impact the security of key industries?
  • How vulnerable is critical national infrastructure, in particular, to civilian drones? What are the current safeguards to protect against this and how can we measure this risk?
  • What kind of counter-drone solutions should commercial organisations employ, if any, and what might be the legal implications of their use?
  • Hear from industry experts on the latest counter-drone technological developments and how they plan to solve enduring challenges for government and commercial industry – from detection to disruption
  • What are the regulatory obstacles that stand in the way of the development and employment of different types of counter drone solutions? What measures are appropriate and in what contexts?


"Most focused and successful event I have found"
Program Manager, Robin Radar Systems

"Very good to get the wider perspectives on a complex topic"
Technology Manager, Thales UK

"Great for networking"
Area Manager, PARC, a Xerox company

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2018 Speakers

  • Delegation led by Colonel-General Najmaddin Sadikov, Chief of General Staff, Azerbaijani Armed Forces
  • Major General Masood Ahmad Azizi, Deputy Minister of Interior, Islamic Republic of Afghanistan
  • Major General (Rtd.) Morsi Mahmoud, Strategic Intelligence Analyst and Consultant, Defence Studies Institute Egypt, Egyptian Armed Forces
  • Brigadier General (ret) Maroun Hitti, Advisor for Security & Defense, Office of the Prime Minister, Lebanese Armed Forces.
  • Dr. Omar Kaddouha, Director Flight Safety, Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Lebanon
  • Colonel Amine Elkai, Chief of JOIC. (Joint Intelligence Information Center), Lebanese Armed Forces
  • Colonel Ghulam Mustafa Wardak, Afghan National Security Forces
  • Shamel Alshishani, Regional Director, Airport, Passenger, Cargo, and Security / MENA, IATA
  • Guram Jalaghonia, Director, Georgian Civil Aviation Agency
  • Dr. Hussain Alhallaf, AVSEC Manager, flyadeal
  • Major Federico Pirola, TAAC-W JENG/C-IED Branch Chief - C-UAS, Italian Army
  • Johan Obdola, Founder and President, International Organization for Security and Intelligence
  • Almukhtar Al-Hoqani, Head of Licensing & Oversight (AVSEC Field), Public Authority for Civil Aviation, Oman
  • Dr. Ali Nouh, Head of GIS and Remote Sensing Office, National Center for Security and Crises management (NCSCM), Jordan
  • Colonel Fabian Ochsner, Vice President Business Development and Marketing, Rheinmetall Air Defence




  • Tony Reeves, Director, Level 7 Expertise

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