Joint Tactical Networks Summit

Advancing Joint Communications to Succeed in Multi-Domain Operations 18 January, 2018 - 19 January, 2018, San Diego, CA, United States

The 2018 Joint Tactical Networks Summit will allows members of the C2 and network community, military leaders, and critical organizations to advance the joint force's ability to communicate and exchange information efficiently and securely within a multi-domain environment. This Summit will seek to enhance tactical data linkage tools and network architectures to support advanced communication capabilities for the joint force to succeed. This program will stimulate discussions aimed at enhancing our nation's networks to allow for successful information exchange and network interoperability to further improve our Military power.

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Topics to be covered at the 2018 Summit

  • Enhancing battlespace awareness through improvements in networks and services for fixed and enterprise level systems
  • Delivering IW readiness to the PACOM AOR
  • Ensuring afloat and ashore systems deliver command, control, and IT capability needs
  • Providing protection of information in transit through wireless networks and devices
  • Allowing interoperability of knowledge and information for battlespace success
  • Enhancing the transition and sustainment of applications and systems into cost-effective hosting environments
  • Strategy to effectively encourage interoperability for Tactical Data Links
  • Development of C4 strategies to support combined operations
  • Progression towards interference alignment techniques to allow for less disruption and less likely obstruction among data transmission


Why You Should Attend This year's Summit

This educational summit will bring together members of the C2 and network community, military leaders, and critical organizations to discuss the operational and strategic needs for advancing joint force communications systems and network capabilities in support of our nation's security objectives.

The objective of this year's summit is to highlight the increased need for interoperability among the joint forces’ communications and networks systems to ensure that information is adequately transferred timely and securely in multi-domain operations.

This summit will feature senior level discussions surrounding updates and new developments; including the advancement of wireless communications systems for military advantage and efforts to enhance tactical data links Defense-wide. This Summit will encourage discussion among subject matter experts and top military leaders in a forum designed to allow honesty and fluidly when deliberating the nation's C2 capabilities.

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2018 Confirmed Speakers Include:

  • Jeff Mercer, Director, Joint Tactical Networking Center
  • BG Welton Chase, Commanding General, 7th Signal Command
  • Kevin Mulvihill, Director C4 Information Infrastructure, DCIO C4 & IIC, DoD CIO
  • CAPT Robert Croxson, USN, PM, MIDS Program Office, NAVAIR
  • COL James Turinetti, Deputy Chief of Staff/ Chief Information Officer, G-6, US Army Pacific
  • Col Joseph Delaney, USMC, Commander, DISA-PAC
  • Col Glen Genove, Deputy Director, Air & Cyberspace Operations (A3/6), CIO & Director of Cyberspace Forces, PACAF
  • Col Douglas Dudley, USAF, Commander, Air Force Network Integration Center

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Dec 5, 2017