Countering Drones Conference

12 December, 2017 - 14 December, 2017, London, United Kingdom

Keeping up with technology in an industry in perpetual development

A year has passed since the inaugural Countering Drones conference. Policy developments have been few and far between and, in most cases, regulation has continued to prevent law enforcement and security professionals from engaging potential drone threats effectively. Compounding this, our sector surveys and ongoing research with the user community have highlighted that there is an asymmetry between existing knowledge of industry solutions, and the products that are actually being developed for market.

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Government agencies still have plenty of work to do with regulators and industry to develop an effective counter drone framework and, as the drone threat continues to evolve and multiply, discussions must continue in an effort to stay ahead of malicious pilots. This December, we will continue to grow our audience of security professionals by welcoming stakeholders from more sectors- such as international and sporting event managers- who are determined to move ahead and acquire the best fitting solution for their needs, as soon as the go ahead is given.

It is now critical that governments work with regulators and industry to develop an effective counter drone framework, and correctly understanding the multitude of challenges that drones present is central to this. Sites of critical national infrastructure, prisons, airports, sporting venues and other stadia are at serious risk, constrained by embryonic regulation and undefined remits for threat engagement. This December, we will provide a unique platform where security professions can share their challenges with governments, regulators and industry, to assist in developing a lens for threat assessment and a framework for progression.

It is in this context that we will host our 2nd Countering Drones Global conference this December. We look forward to seeing you in London for Europe's number one countering drones conference, as we seek to develop complete solutions to this emerging threat.

Join the Countering Drones conference to:

  • Effectively measure and prepare for the risk posed by drones by receiving exclusive security briefings from leading international experts
  • Make an informed assessment of different types of counter-drone technologies and identify which system is best for your unique circumstances
  • Influence future policy by contributing to high-level discussions with policymakers, insurers and legal practitioners
  • Ensure that your organisation is aware of current developments in national security strategy, regulations and aviation legislation by hearing from senior policymakers from the UK, Europe and US
  • Benefit from legal and insurance policy guidance to better protect your organisation from drone-related incidents


Key questions to be addressed include:

  • How is drone and counter-drone technology developing and how might this impact the security of key industries?
  • How vulnerable is critical national infrastructure, in particular, to civilian drones? What are the current safeguards to protect against this and how can we measure this risk?
  • What kind of counter-drone solutions should commercial organisations employ, if any, and what might be the legal implications of their use?
  • Hear from industry experts on the latest counter-drone technological developments and how they plan to solve enduring challenges for government and commercial industry - from detection to disruption
  • What are the regulatory obstacles that stand in the way of the development and employment of different types of counter drone solutions? What measures are appropriate and in what contexts?

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2017 Speakers

  • Helmut Spahn, Director Security Tournaments & Events, Fédération Internationale de Football Association, FIFA
  • Governor David Matthews, Governor of Les Nicolles Prison, Guernsey
  • Mr Marke Gibson, Senior Advisor for UAS, FAA
  • Major Hendrikus Bouwhuis, (RNLAF), Head of Unit, The Centre for Counter Drone Research
  • Leonard Ligon, UAS and Counter-UAS Industry Outreach, Joint Improvised-Threat Defeat Organization (JIDO), US Dept. of Defence, Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)
  • Mr Don Head, Commissioner, Correctional Service of Canada
  • Antonio Nogueras, Head ATM Security Unit, Air Traffic Management Directorate, Civil Military ATM Coordination Division, Eurocontrol
  • Dvir Rubinshtein, Aviation Security Operation Center Manager Security, Emergency & Cyber Division, Ministry Of Transport, Israel
  • Bob Southwell PC, Protective Services Operations (XA), West Yorkshire Police
  • Mr Mark Espenant, R&D Project Manager, Canada's Centre for Security Science
  • Col. Tarmo Kohv, Border Delegate, Liaison officer to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonian Border Force
  • Professor Dr Werner Wiesbeck, Distinguished Scientist, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
  • Steve Sin, Senior Researcher, Unconventional Weapons & Technology Division, National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, USA
  • Simon B Segwabe, Executive- Aviation Safety Operations, South African Civil Aviation Authority
  • Mr Daniel Van Duzer, Chief of Policy and Implementation, Moran Office of Maritime and Port Security (MOMPS)
  • Assistant Chief Ethel McGuire, Assistant Police Chief for Homeland Security and Intelligence, Los Angeles World Airports
  • Rory Geoghegan, Head of Criminal Justice, Centre for Social Justice
  • Ralph James, Director of Safety Regulation, Irish Aviation Authority
  • Ms Elina Millere, International Affairs Coordinator, Civil Aviation Agency of Latvia
  • Darko Vucic, Head of Aircraft Operations Section - OPS Inspector, Flight Safety and Security Division, Bosnia and Herzegovina Directorate of Civil Aviation
  • Tomas Pustina, Head of Unit Civil Aviation Department, Ministry of Transport, Czech Republic

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Source: ASDEvents
Date: Dec 4, 2017