Utah Team Recognized As Business Innovator in Support of US Nuclear Defense

Davis Chamber of Commerce recognizes BAE Systems team as an innovative business leader for its support to Hill Air Force Base and the U.S. Air Force Nuclear Deterrence Mission.

The BAE Systems Air Force Strategic Programs team at Hill Air Force Base in Utah was named “Innovation Business of the Year” by the local Davis Chamber of Commerce at its 2016 Awards Banquet. The annual honor is awarded to businesses that demonstrate the ability to drive innovation in their business practices in support of the Davis County community.

The award is emblematic of the success that team and their colleagues have had not only in 2016 but over the last half century.

“We’re trusted by the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy to support 95 percent of the nuclear triad, because we’ve demonstrated more than 60 years of nuclear know-how to ensure a safe, secure, and effective deterrent,” said Ian Rankin, vice president and general manager of our Warfare Systems business.

The award-winning team supports the Air Force as the Integration Support Contractor for the Minuteman III Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) system. The team also collaborates with employees supporting the U.S. Navy’s Strategic Systems Programs.

“We incorporate performance improvement changes to support the ICBM customer, leveraging advances in technology,” said Randy Tymofichuk, director of Air Force Strategic Programs and ISC Program Manager. “We help ensure system availability, reliability, and accuracy — top-level system performance measures that reflect the adequacy of the ICBM force readiness.”

One of the ways our teams are able to rapidly develop and deploy solutions to address challenges is by testing their design ideas, using an innovative Model Based Systems Engineering framework in our Analytics Facility.

“Our Analytics Facility — or “sandbox” as it’s affectionately been dubbed — features a specialized digital test environment where engineers can collaborate and troubleshoot problems, test new solutions, and expedite their implementation,” said Tymofichuk.

The facility ensures the government has the necessary tools and processes in place to own the technical baseline for land-based ICBMs. This enhanced capability for the customer has become a showcase for Air Force Material Command (AFMC) and was a key tour site during AFMC’s recent Commander’s Conference at Hill AFB.

Our Air Force Strategic Programs business now has more than 500 employees in Northern Utah. Almost 30 percent of the program’s employees are veterans. The team is also made up of a number of scientists and engineers, many of whom were hired right out of college in the Utah area.

“We continue to work hard with our customer to bring more capability back into Northern Utah as the epicenter for all things ICBM,” said Tymofichuk.

Source: BAE Systems PLC (LSE: BAES.L)
Date: Feb 27, 2017