L3 WESCAM Unveils Its Second-Generation MX-RSTA Land Combat Sighting System at IDEX 2017

L3 WESCAM unveiled today its second-generation MX™-RSTA land combat sighting system. Adaptable to a wide range of vehicle and mast configurations, L3’s MX-RSTA is an industry-leading solution for Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA), ground combat and force protection missions. The new system is on display this week at the L3 Technologies exhibit, Stand 01-C16, during the International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX 2017) being held February 19–23 in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. A second system will be mounted to an RG-31 armored mine-protected personnel vehicle (MPV) and is on display at the International Golden Group (IGG) exhibit, Stand 04-C30.

“L3 WESCAM remains committed to investing in the solutions our customers require to strengthen their sighting capabilities and mission execution,” said Mike Greenley, President of L3 WESCAM. “We’re continuing to see an increased global demand for our land solutions, as we provide the best imaging performance at an affordable price while incorporating state-of-the-art technologies that improve overall mission effectiveness.”

Weighing just 42 lb./19.5 kg, the MX-RSTA can be fixed-mounted to a vehicle hull or hard-mounted to a mast for elevated use, maximizing the sight’s surveillance standoff range. Its 4-axis stabilization system provides rock-solid imagery while the vehicle is on the move and removes any visual effects of sway and vibration caused by windy environments. Vehicle configurations range from a Commander Independent Viewer (CIV) to an above-armor surveillance system.

The MX-RSTA’s independent stabilization ability provides unmatched situational awareness and targeting capabilities in various combat scenarios because of its outstanding standoff ranges. Its scalable design makes it a system-level solution customizable to the customer’s specifications and budget.

L3’s MX-RSTA can be configured with up to six imaging and laser sensors. Options include a thermal imager, daylight and low-light continuous zoom cameras, daylight spotter, laser rangefinder and a choice between a narrow or wide laser illuminator. Additional offerings include L3 WESCAM’s advanced auto-tracker and embedded GPS receiver. The MX-RSTA’s modular design allows for easy upgrades to future-proof the system throughout the 30+ year life cycle of today’s fielded vehicles. The MX-RSTA has successfully undergone full qualification testing.

Source: L-3 WESCAM
Date: Feb 19, 2017