PepperBall Completes Delivery of USCG Sole Source Contract to Field Non-Lethal LIVE X .68 Projectiles and Launchers

Order cites PepperBall's safety and effectiveness

PepperBall®, a division of United Tactical Systems, LLC, Inc., announced today that it has completed and delivered an order for the United States Coast Guard (“USCG”) for Non-Lethal .68 Launchers, PepperBall® LIVE X™ projectiles and support equipment pursuant to a sole-source contract received in September, 2016.

The PepperBall® launchers and projectiles successfully completed a USCG Operational Test and Evaluation (OT&E) in the past year. This OT&E was supported by testing at the US Air Force Human Effects Center of Excellence which approved and certified the PepperBall® products as safe for fielding.

The USCG request for quote stated “The USCG shall be prepared, equipped, and trained to stop non-compliant vessels. PepperBall® is one of the safest and most effective methods to compel compliance as proven during an OT&E using this specific resource.” PepperBall® completed delivery of this contract from its manufacturing facilities located in Lake Forest, IL and Fort Wayne, IN. PepperBall® will also provide certified operational and armorers training under the contract.

PepperBall® Chairman of the Board David Luxton stated, “We are extremely pleased with the confidence and trust the United States Coast Guard continues to place in our PepperBall® Non-Lethal Launchers and LIVE X™ projectiles. Our PepperBall® systems are used by police, military and security forces around the world every day to bring dangerous incidents to a safe conclusion.”

Source: PepperBall
Date: Jan 18, 2017