New TEGAM RF Power Standards Modernizes USAF Laboratories

TEGAM, Inc., a leading supplier of innovative RF power measurement technology, was recently awarded a contract with the U.S. Air Force to provide 48 TEGAM Model 2505A 6 kHz – 18 GHz RF Power Standards to modernize RF power sensor calibrators used in the USAF Precision Metrology & Electronics Laboratories (PMELs). These vital laboratories are responsible for the service and calibration of the wide range of test equipment utilized by the USAF around the world.

Each Model 2505A will replace two legacy RF power standards in their existing PMX series calibrators. With its wider bandwidth, each PMX system modernized with the 2505A will increase the number of RF power sensors that the PMEL is capable of supporting.

Because each 2505A replaces two legacy standards, the USAF gains two additional, and very important, benefits. First, the calibration technician becomes more productive when he reduces the set-up time and number of cable changes required for each calibration. Secondly, the USAF will have 50% fewer PMEL assets to support for the application, which reduces the workload, and associated costs, of the Air Force’s Primary Calibration Laboratory in Heath, OH.

“These same benefits can be realized by any military or commercial calibration lab currently utilizing legacy TEGAM or Weinschel RF power sensor calibration systems,” said Kevin Kaufman, Director of Sales, North America.

Source: TEGAM, Inc.
Date: Oct 12, 2016