908 Devices Awarded $2.6 M in Growth Funding for Enhancements and New Developments in Trace Explosive Analysis

908 Devices , a pioneer of purpose-built analytical devices for chemical analysis, announces the award of $2.6M in funding from the U.S government’s Technical Support Working Group (TSWG). This multi-year award covers development and testing of a handheld device that leverages 908 Devices’ patented High Pressure Mass Spectrometry™ (HPMS), which also powers the flagship M908 ™ device. The focus is to achieve even higher levels of selectivity and sensitivity with HPMS for field identification and detection of trace explosives.

HPMS enhancements engineered under this effort will increase the capability to identify an even broader target list of explosives and precursor materials at trace levels with the same speed, fidelity and confidence achieved today. All advancements under this program will be immediately realized by the commercially available M908 device and future complementary products. One performance enhancement already put into M908 production is a custom HPMS detector that has instantly doubled the systems’ sensitivity.

“The opportunity to collaborate with TSWG stakeholders across federal, state and local agencies enables us to better address user needs and expand applications of our HPMS technology,” says Dr. Kevin Knopp, co-founder and CEO of 908 Devices. “Our HPMS technology platform is the cornerstone of 908 Devices’ products. It is our ambition to progressively improve performance capabilities for current and future products.”

Source: 908 Devices
Date: Sep 9, 2014