GKN Aerospace partners with SmartLynx for ADS-B out modification on Airbus A320 fleet

SmartLynx Airlines launching customer for ADS-B out modification on A320 Installation to be completed before the end of 2017

GKN Aerospace’s Fokker business has been selected by SmartLynx Airlines for the introduction of the ADS-B out modification on their Airbus A320 fleet. In 2016 Fokker has already been selected by Air Iceland for ADS-B out installation on the Dash 8 fleet.

Quote John Brady, VP Technical at Smartlynx; “SmartLynx Airlines has used  Fokker Services in the past for their TCAS 7.1 and EFB Tablet holder solutions on our A320 fleet. We were impressed by their positive proactive approach to our needs and have no doubt Fokker Services will once again exceed our expectations by adding value and flexibility to SmartLynx operations with their ADS-B Out solution. We are especially proud for being the launching customer for this innovative solution and will gladly share our user experience with other airlines”.

Vincent Jansen, Sales Manager at Fokker Services: “We are pleased to welcome SmartLynx as our launching customer for ADS-B out on the A320. It is great to contribute to the succesfull SmartLynx operation with our innovative and cost effective solution. We are expecting launching customers for our ADS-B out STC for more aircraft platforms in the nearest future.”

ADS-B out (Automatic Dependent Surveillance - Broadcast) is a common system on-board many aircraft that automatically broadcasts relevant data from the aircraft towards air traffic management organizations. ADS-B out data includes the identity of the aircraft, the GPS location and direction of flight. A new ADS-B out system will become mandatory in June 2020 in Europe and the USA. The new ADS-B Out mandate involves an upgrade or replacement of two major cockpit systems: the ATC Transponder and GPS Receiver. This will enable optimization of the airspace and minimize the use of ground radar stations. In the next decade, most of the airspace throughout the globe will be using ADS-B as the primary means of surveillance, replacing radar. This will include the oceanic environment (Satellite ADS-B).

Source: Fokker Technologies
Date: Apr 26, 2017