Implant Sciences' ETDs Deployed to More Than 160 Airports over the Last Year

Over 1,000 units sold to over 70 airports in Europe to support ECAC demand across 14 countries; Additional TSA shipments of 1,170 units continue to nearly 200 additional US airports

Implant Sciences Corporation (OTCQB:IMSC), a leading manufacturer of explosives trace detection (ETD) solutions for Department of Homeland Security (DHS) applications, today announced that its QS-B220 desktop explosives and drugs trace detector has been deployed to over 160 airports across the United States and Europe over the past twelve months. Over 1,000 units were sold to support ECAC demand to European airports in 14 countries, and substantial follow-on orders continue to be in play in the region.

Implant Sciences won the 1,170 unit order from the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) in November, 2014. These units, which began shipping in December 2015 , are continuing to be deployed across nearly 200 United States airports. Implant Sciences also announced the capture of the 122 unit order from the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) in January, 2016. Those units are also currently being deployed to airports across Canada .

"The success Implant Sciences has achieved in the aviation security market is significant. Our company, long known for its cutting-edge technical solutions, is recognized and chosen by the leading procurers in aviation security operations around the world. In winning competitive bid after competitive bid, Implant Sciences' QS-B220 is now the most widely deployed non-rad ETD in the world," stated Dr. Darryl Jones , Implant Sciences' Executive Vice President.

"We have made great progress in aviation security and we have a number of other markets with noteworthy opportunities in view. We are proud of our tremendous accomplishments in the aviation security sector and look forward to continuing to execute on delivering mission critical and life saving technology to security operations and professionals," added Robert Liscouski , Implant Sciences' President.

Source: Implant Sciences Corporation
Date: Jun 9, 2016