BAE Newest Cross Domain Solution Passes UK CAPS Evaluation
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Jun 20, 2024

BAE Newest Cross Domain Solution Passes UK CAPS Evaluation

BAE Systems is proud to announce that our brand new Cross Domain Solution (CDS) – the XTS IRIS Large Scale Enterprise platform – has successfully passed the UK CAPS evaluation alongside our Secure Voice and Video Gateway (SVG) Application.

The CAPS process verifies that High Assurance products have met the approved standards (set out by HMG policy) to be employed where cross-domain products are used to safeguard government classified data.

This certification builds on over 15 years of BAE Systems’ involvement in the creation of hardware-based Cross Domain Solutions, covering a multitude of use cases:

Quantum Communication Market Report 2024-2034

Quantum Communication Market Report 2024-2034

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  • Secure Voice and Video collaboration across trust domain
  • Secure and controlled Import and Export (ImpEx) of structured and unstructured data types, and
  • Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) protection,
  • Safe Browsing (accessing) of different trust domains

The BAE Systems XTS IRIS Large Scale Enterprise Platform is a scalable, modular hardware-based appliance with wire-speed throughput of 160Gbps - a generational leap ahead of other CDS on the market.

At the heart of the platform are our advanced FPGA Processing Blades, which host our key security controls and filters that provide the assurance that your data (and nothing else) is securely transferred across domains. Without the large attack surface of general purpose operating systems that underpin traditional software-based CDS, we can give organisations the confidence to be more ambitious in collaborating internally and externally with partners.

Complementing our hardware-based solutions, we also produce a suite of software-based tools and filters that allow our customers to build advanced CDS to cover complex use cases.

Securely developed and manufactured in the 5 Eyes utilising a secure supply chain, this capability is available to customers today. Get in touch to discover how we can help you unlock the productivity gains that advanced collaboration and data-sharing can bring to your organisation.

We are also transferring this technology to the US, with the SVG and XTS IRIS Platform entering the NCDSMO Lab-Based Security Assessment (LBSA) against the Raise the Bar (RTB) 4.1 requirement set, with expected completion in 2025.