A Legend Reborn: BAE Tridon Mk2 Makes its Debut at Eurosator
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Jun 17, 2024

A Legend Reborn: BAE Tridon Mk2 Makes its Debut at Eurosatory

BAE Systems is launching its next-generation 40mm anti-aircraft system, Tridon Mk2, at Eurosatory 2024, showcasing its unique capability to protect against ever-evolving aerial threats.

“The Tridon Mk2 is the ideal solution for combat operations, where soldiers need a proven, high-precision and reliable anti-aircraft system to keep the skies clear and protect troops and infrastructure,” said Lena Gillström, president of BAE Systems Bofors. “The adaptability of the system, which can evolve as threats continue to change, is what makes it one of the most effective anti-aircraft systems on the market today.”

Based on the battle-proven Bofors 40mm gun and more than 90 years of experience, this cutting-edge/industry-leading self-propelled system provides security and protection for both military forces and civil infrastructure.

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On today’s battlefields, tens of thousands of drones are shot down every month, and this new threat has exposed a dangerous gap in current air defence capabilities for NATO allies.

The Tridon Mk2 offers a solution to help fill that gap. It is a mobile anti-aircraft system with high-precision, teamed with critical munitions capabilities, including the Bofors 3P programmable munition which forms the backbone of the system, designed for defeating a wide range of aerial and land-based threats. The system has an effective range of up to 12km, depending on the target, selected ammunition, sensor suite and surrounding terrain. It is a flexible option for any military, offering the ability to mix a large variety of ammunition in the same firing salvo.

The system’s modularity enables it to be mounted on various platforms and fully operated from within the cabin. This allows for both rapid deployment into action and for troops to regroup to avoid enemy countermeasures. It can also be off-loaded at strategic locations and remotely controlled from a safe distance.

Each system has its own day-night acquisition sensors and fire-control system, which makes it a cost-effective solution to protect large areas.

The Tridon Mk2 will be displayed on the BAE Systems stand at Eurosatory from 17 – 21 June 2024 (Hall 5A, stand B369).

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