Milrem Robotics Introduces Starlink-Equipped Combat Support
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Jun 12, 2024

Milrem Robotics Introduces Starlink-Equipped Combat Support UGV

Milrem Robotics, the world’s leading robotics and autonomous systems developer, and AEC Skyline, a supplier of advanced critical data solutions, have integrated Starlink satellite communications (SATCOM) together with associated equipment into the world-renowned THeMIS Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) that allows it to be controlled over vast distances.

The latest communication system allows unmanned combat support vehicles to be safely deployed to the battlefield. At the same time, operators remain at a secure distance, even thousands of kilometres away, ensuring enhanced safety and efficiency in military operations.

This new, advanced Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) controlling capability will be unveiled during Eurosatory 2024, which will take place in Paris, France, from June 17 to 21.

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The communication system has been integrated into the THeMIS Cargo CASEVAC. This UGV is currently deployed in Ukraine, assisting Ukrainian soldiers in the war with Russia. Additionally, Ukrainian forces are using THeMIS’ configured for route clearance.

By leveraging satellite connectivity, the robotic vehicle can seamlessly transmit data, receive commands, and relay vital information in real-time, regardless of its location on the battlefield.

“This development marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of military robotics, offering unparalleled capabilities for remote operation and situational awareness. With satellite communications, operators can maintain control over the robot from a safe and strategic vantage point, minimising the risks associated with direct human involvement in combat zones,” explained Raul Rikk, Capability Development Director at Milrem Robotics.

AEC Skyline’s CEO Stef Have added: “Since 2021, AEC Skyline and Milrem Robotics have been unwavering in deepening their cooperation. I am proud to see our critical data solutions division act as an integration partner when it comes to inserting new technologies, including this latest SATCOM-based capability, into our partner’s growing range of world-leading UGVs.”

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