KNDS France Offers the CAESAR 6x6 to Meet the Needs of the M
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May 7, 2024

KNDS France Offers the CAESAR 6x6 to Meet the Needs of the Malaysian Artillery Units

KNDS France, the main provider of artillery systems for Malaysia and a strategic industrial partner for the Malaysian defence industry

The achievement of our industrial partnership initiated in 2018 with the assembly and delivery of 18 units of 105mm LG 1 MKIII howitzers to the Malaysian army reflects our mutual commitment to enhancing the nation's defense capabilities but also signifies the excellence of local skills in the defense industry.

Today, KNDS France, together with ADSSB, commit to expand their partnership at an upper level in addressing the 155mm CAESARself-propelled howitzer to be assembled and integrated in the industrial facilities of ADSSB in Segamat, State of Johor. The installation of the CAESAR not only provides additional strength to the Malaysian Army but also contributes to the local economy by creating job opportunities and enhancing expertise in the field of armaments. KNDS and ADSSB are committed to continuing its efforts to advance Malaysia's defense industry and support national security initiatives.

Howitzer Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2032

Howitzer Systems - Market and Technology Forecast to 2032

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In a pro-active action, both companies will also address selected export markets for the 105mm LG1 MKIII, creating additional value to the Malaysian eco-system.

KNDS – ADSSB partnership is an example of cross-border cooperation aimed at strengthening Malaysia's defense capabilities and increasing investment, particularly in the national defense industry.

A various offer of innovative defence systems

KNDS France exposes its new solutions such as:

  • The RAPIDFire 40mm close-in weapon system perfectly fitted to neutralize sea, air and land threats.
  • The TITUS ARX 20 infantry fighting vehicle and the SERVAL 4x4 vehicle made for counter-UAV warfare thanks to its new ARX 30 turret.
  • The NERVA robots on the booth of our partner Harapan Erat.