RocketStar Unveils Phoenix Eye: A Groundbreaking Advance in
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Apr 17, 2024

RocketStar Unveils Phoenix Eye: A Groundbreaking Advance in Digital Signal Processing for Critical Missions

RocketStar Inc., a pioneering force in aerospace technology, today unveiled Phoenix Eye™, a groundbreaking suite of digital signal processing software. Designed to meet the advanced communication needs of satellites, military operations and other high-level applications, Phoenix Eye™ is set to redefine the boundaries of secure and reliable communication. Phoenix Eye™ solves longstanding barriers in communication technology, offering unparalleled capabilities in navigation, signal detection, electronic fingerprinting and secure transmission.

The Phoenix Eye™ suite includes five innovative products:

  1. OmniPNT: This groundbreaking technology allows for GPS free navigation anywhere on Earth, utilizing radio waves from celestial objects and satellites. OmniPNT offers reliable and secure positioning even in GPS-denied environments, making it ideal for space, military and critical infrastructure applications.
  2. SignalBoost: Providing the ability to communicate using signals below the “noise floor,” SignalBoost creates ability for deep space comms, higher resiliency, smaller antenna solutions, and Low Probability of Intercept/Detect (LPI/D) capabilities.
  3. SignalPrint: This unique software identifies and tracks individual radio emitters with remarkable accuracy, even among identical devices. SignalPrint enhances cybersecurity by discriminating between mass-produced devices and detecting subtle operational changes, offering invaluable insights for threat assessment and situational awareness.
  4. SyncWave: Revolutionizing the ability to easily array radio antennas without grating lobe and phase interference, SyncWave enables superior signal reception and design flexibility for enhanced communication and sensor performance.
  5. WhisperHunter: This novel sensor technique detects small objects at extreme distances by measuring reflected ambient radio waves, making it ideal for passive radar and LPI/D radio detection for a wide range of applications including space domain awareness and covert detection and ranging.

“Phoenix Eye™ heralds a significant advancement in digital signal processing,” declared Wes Faler, Chief Technology Officer at RocketStar. Expounding on its transformative potential, Wes added, “We have harnessed advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence to transcend what were once considered hard limits in critical communications. With Phoenix Eye™, we empower users with unparalleled capabilities to navigate, communicate, and detect with unmatched accuracy and reliability. Our technology paves the way for a new era in communications, where previous constraints become obsolete.”

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RocketStar CEO Chris Craddock underscored the technology’s commercial potential, stating, “Phoenix Eye™ opens doors to vast opportunities across various industries, and RocketStar is primed to address the increasing demand for sophisticated communication, anti-spoofing and sensing solutions.”